My mom fell in love with a man who doesnt like cats. I hissed but my mom's boyfriend didn't understa

roberta haimroberta haim Member Posts: 15
and scratched him. I am 7 yrs old and have also been aggressive with others in the family, I am like an attack cat. I am extremely loyal and affectionate with my widowed mom. Her boyfriend wants her to come and visit him in Florida without me. She left me two weeks with someone coming up once a day to feed me. I seemed fine when she got back. Now he wants her to stay much longer. What should she do. She loves him too and may want to marry him.

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  • Joy WaltersJoy Walters Member Posts: 9,276
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    Izzie is not an "attack cat", but he does not like to be touched or held by strangers and will react as Jenny does. People who visit my home already know or are warned not to try to pick Izzie up. With me, he is an affectionate lap cat. If the aggressiveness is a new behavior or has gotten worse, Jenny needs to see the vet. There are anti-anxiety medications that can be given along with behavior modification training. Because your future may hold joining a family with young children or grandchildren, you need to find out what's "up" with Jenny. At the least, because of her personality, she should be kept in a room away from visitors while they are at your home. As for leaving her for a long period, you could have the pet sitter come again since she handled it well, or you may want to look into a cat boarding facility.


  • a ka k Member Posts: 3
    In all honesty, I’m not sure if I approve of your mom’s actions. Based on the first couple of sentences, your aggression doesn’t seem entirely unprovoked. You gave a vocal warning and he needs to learn to back off and give you space. It’s not fair that your mom would abandon you for such a long period of time, just so she can spend time with her boyfriend. You were part of her life before him. If she keeps running to him, leaving you all alone it’s impossible for you and him to create any kind of bond. I’m worried that when she decides to get married, you would be left behind forever if he tells her to. This happens all too much, and it pisses me off and as an older kitty with a temper it may be harder for you to get adopted. Unless he’s deathly allergic to cats, I wish he would see the both of you as a package deal like he would a human child. My daddy hated cats (and still dislikes them), but mommy adopted me anyways. He loves her so he put up with me .. and now we're besties.
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