Do your cats bite their nails? My Farrah bites her back nails and I have never seen any other cat do

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  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    Sometimes when their nails are shedding, cats will chew to ease the process of their falling off. If you find the outer pieces of nails around your home occasionally, this is the process that she is trying to aid by chewing. Chances are that she is not biting as a nervous habit such as humans do. To distract her, you can give her something else to chew on such as a SmartBites treat in salmon, tuna or chicken! ^_^


  • Gail EdwardsGail Edwards Member Posts: 1
    I'm a psychologist who has lived with and loved cats 44 years, and only one, my most recent adoptee, bites her nails. I rescued her from a neglectful and sometimes abusive situation. She definitely showed signs of trauma. Over time, most of her 'neurotic' behaviors subsided, but she will often still bite at her nails, (no evidence on bed of shedding claws or on her paws that they are bitten), especially before bed when grooming herself! I found this very alarming, as it was loud enough to wake me up. I have learned, it IS usually associated with stress, as it is in humans. I have not found a total "cure" for this, but I try relaxation techniques, reassuring her, verbally, rubbing the tips of her ears, back rubs, anything soothing...and the most obvious but most difficult, I try to identify, anticipate, and eliminate sources of stress. This is the hardest to do but prevention has the greatest payoff.
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