PU Surgery Recovery What should I expect?

My dear boy Lincoln had emergency PU surgery on Saturday after developing obstructions 3x in the previous week. He did have struvite crystals but his urethra was also bent, maybe from being suckled as a kitten. I am picking him up from the hospital today and I have discharge instructions but they are very clinical. I wanted to see if anyone had experience with this and could tell me what I can expect during his recovery. I would like to know what to look out for as a red flag as well since a lot of the symptoms of the recovery seem similar to the original blocking symptoms. Thank you!

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  • PegKeeleyPegKeeley Member Posts: 67
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    Been where you are! Our cat, Linus, came home from his PU with a collar of shame he had to wear for two weeks. We also kept him in a quiet room away from our other kitties with his own personal litter box so we could monitor his output. Lots of water (we bought a fountain), wet food (our vet prescribed Science Hill CD canned). Do not use dry food at all - even the prescription stuff. Everything you can do to keep him well hydrated will help. We eventually added glucosamine because his problems persisted. Afer PU surgery, boys may be a little more likely to get a non-struvite UTI because he has a shorter pathway. PU surgery does not cure the problem, it reduces the liklihood to block. So symptoms of blockage would be the biggest red flag. Keep an eye on how much he pees, decreasing amounts going more frequently may suggest infection brewing. Hopefully he will be a much more comfortable kitty in a few days. There are many good resources for care on line. catinfo.org is one.
  • Cindi LeonardCindi Leonard Plantation, Fla.Member Posts: 1,670
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    My cat Panda had urinary surgery for stones 6 years ago now, and he's 15 1/2. I feed him Royal Canin SO dry and Purina UR wet (prescription). He likes the Royal and Purina better than the CD from the vet. Dry food is better for cat teeth, since when your cat gets older he will not be allowed to be put under for dental anymore. Panda also has a heart murmur (diagnosed at his surgery) when I noticed he was trying to pee but nothing was coming out. He was in surgery 48 hours later... talk to the vet techs and have them explain anything that you don't understand before you leave the vet. There will be a recheck and suture removal in a week and a half, when your vet will check on your cat's progress. Thanks for caring and follow your vet's advice... they know what they are doing! ^_^
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