Why is my 4 year old cat suddenly so affectionate?

I adopted Apricot & Spice from a local shelter 2.5 yrs ago. The first 3 months I had them my charismatic cat Apricot was unbelievably affectionate, always sleeping in the bed with me and purring, etc. 3 months after I got them I had to give them both antibiotics for 10 days. Apricot looked reproachful & shocked butThe other kitty, spice, wasn't too concerned. Right after the antibiotic round, Apricot changed. She was still affectionate, but never near my bed, when I came home at night she would cuddle, but bolted immediately if we were in my bedroom. Last week (2 yrs later) I took care of 3 neighbor cats for 10 days in a neighboring house. Apricot suddenly changed abruptly into the affectionate cat she was 2 years before, hanging out in bed, just as if the 2 year aloof period never happened. My cat Spice has been consistently affectionate these two years. Any thoughts as to the mystery of this sudden change in Apricot turning back into a lover from an aloof kitty? Thanks!!!

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  • Araya BishirAraya Bishir St. CloudMember Posts: 18
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    They thought they were gonna be replaced. "Don't give them attention, we were here first" they say! Cats can be funny that way. Enjoy it while it lasts. Lol
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