I can't take these mites anymore!!!!!!

I have been fighting with the "walking dandruff" mites on both of my cats for 6 months. They had it for a long time before I knew what it was. They have been on rx strength drops. I actually have to call for more on Monday. Every time I think they're gone I find more. Anything else I can try in addition? And yes my house is cleaned regularly. Thanks!

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  • Ann HoyAnn Hoy Member Posts: 2
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    CHEYLETIELLOSIS "walking dandruff mites" http://www.petplace.com/article/cats/diseases-conditions-of-cats/skin/cheyletiellosis-in-cats-walking-dandruff-mite http://petsbestrx.com/faq/mange/what-is-walking-dandruff/ FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth (a powder) only is effective against walking dandruff mite, mange mites or insects. Breaks exoskeleton of mites causing them to dehydrate and die. Can be used on your bedding, furniture or carpeting also used outdoors.If product becomes wet you'll have to reapply powder either indoors/outdoors. Cut tip VERY small or too much comes out, you want a dry mist near floor NOT in the air. Safe around pets, birds, aquarium fish. But keep them out of room for 1 hr till dust totally settles. Put in vacuum bag also. Very contagious , rub on cats & all pets & YOURSELF. On dry day, do all of outside and garage where ever cats go. Do TWICE every week for 6 weeks. Wash all you can (bedding etc) in hottest water.Wear paper face mask from Dollar Store.
  • Jenna RiceJenna Rice Member Posts: 29
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    Certain shampoos can help, if your cats will tolerate baths. I read a study on PubMed where the flea treatment that works best for the walking dandruff is Revolution, rather than any of the other flea treatments that might not treat the walking dandruff as well as other kinds of fleas and such.
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