Our cat has been meowing all night probably due to unspayed female. How to stop this so we can get

Our male indoor neutered cat will not stop meowing all night. We even heard howling outside which made him meow even more. Can't understand why he is affected by this as he has been "fixed". Have had him for eight years and this has never happened before. How do I keep him quiet? Is there anything that I can put outside our fenced in porch to deter the female from our house? Please help? We are out of ideas. thanks


  • Zoe WallaceZoe Wallace Member Posts: 1
    well,it could not be about unsprayed females. he could be in pain but, cats are really good at hiding it. sooo I suggest go to your vet and check him for things. if not anything,find a camera and put it outside at night and see if a cat is there if not something is wrong but if yes,find something he doesn't like, and put it in the room where he meows orrrr put tape where he stands he will most likely go away
  • Schagne VenterSchagne Venter Member Posts: 22
    He is probably not interested in the female but annoyed at the males that are chasing her partying on his territory. You can get some pellets that will keep the cats away from your property and I know there are also some alarms that make high pitched noises. There is also a motion triggered sprayer that you can attach to your hose that will spray any cats or dogs that wander near it. Unfortunately, because your cat is an indoor cat, these other cats can't smell him in your garden so they're all over it, but he knows that's his area so it's making him very angry. If you can get them to stay out of his territory then he should settle down.
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