Help with kitten teething, bathing, and catnip!

Hey! I just recently got two 5- or 6-week old kittens,and I need some help! The kittens are teething, and they're using my fingers to soothe it. Is there anything else I could do? Another subject comes to matter: Bathing. I was wondering how old they'd need to be in order to bathe them? And, finally, catnip. Would it be safe for the kittens? Thanks!

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  • Warren TaylorWarren Taylor Member Posts: 41
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    Can't help much with the teething, been many years since we have had kittens, sorry. About bathing, cats are usually self cleaning, no bathing required most of the time. If they are shorthairs you probably want to hit them with a grooming glove every week or so, if they are longhairs you need to brush or comb them several times a week. Catnip is safe, but you need to know that not all cats respond to it. Our older Ocicat Saphira actually seems to hate the stuff, offer it to her and she wrinkles up her nose like she just smelled something awful and then runs away. What can you say, cats are cats and do exactly what they want. We love ours to pieces!
  • Kristen BrockKristen Brock Member Posts: 4
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    My mom just recently got a kitten who was chewing on everything. The fireplace mantle, her blinds, etc. She bought him a puppy teether. It's a little blue bone with little nubbies all over it. He has used it to chew ever since. You may want to try something like that.
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