Cat won't share litter box.

A friend of mine moved away and gave me her cat. The cat is extremely loving and all around wonderful except for one problem. She won't use the litter box. She will use it if it's brand new and hasn't been touched by another cat. As soon as my cat uses it she won't go near it even if it's cleaned. She's had a rough go of it: 4 homes before mine, declawed by pervious owners, and attacked by the cats of a pervious owner. I feel awful for her and want to keep her forever but it would be nice if I could keep my floors as well. Any suggestions on how to get her to use the box and save my rugs?

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  • Jan KolbohmJan Kolbohm Member Posts: 1
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    I had the same problem and tried everything - trips to the vet, extra litter box, changed litter types, etc., etc. Finally I got pads that she would use. Got them by the box from a place that sold supplies for humans that had bed wetting problem. Less expensive than the training pads sold at pet stores.
  • Tamanna KhareTamanna Khare Member Posts: 5
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    Firstly, take your cat to the complete veterinary checkups. Make sure there isn’t any medical reason for her behavior. Cats are fussy and fastidious, especially about their bathroom habits. They don’t like sharing and if the litter box doesn’t clean enough for their liking, and they won’t use it. So try to clean litter box daily and old litter box must be discarded. I suggest you to buy two different litter boxes for your both cat and placed them two locations in different parts of the house. Remember, too, that locations have to be “safe” in the mind of a cat. Means that location should be quiet sheltered and with the ability for a cat to see what’s coming at her. Give reward to your cat for using the litter box. Hope these steps solve your cat’s behavior problem. But if you’re still facing same problems, ask your veterinarian for a referral to a behaviorist for help. Source:
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