My cat is very aggressive towards me when I clean out his litter box.

My cat is very aggressive towards me when I clean out his litter box. I have the door shut when I do it but he still exhibits aggressive behaviour for about 30 minutes after. Generally *aside from an incident with a dog and a raccoon he isnt like this. 3 years, neutered, recently vet checked male with no health problems. I clean the litter every day and change it over entirely once a week. We have a feliway diffuser in the house (not sure how much it helps) He is the only cat in the house and there have been no changes in the household that might account for anxiety or aggression.

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  • Sheri Davis CollinsSheri Davis Collins Member Posts: 4
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    What are you cleaning the litter box with? A chemical, perfumery or peppermint smelling solution, bleach? Cats hate citrus and peppermint. Review what you are doing when cleaning the box. Hope this helps....


  • Schagne VenterSchagne Venter Member Posts: 22
    Your cat sounds like he is territorial about his box. Do you use a strong smelling cleaner maybe when you clean his tray? I'd suggest you maybe go with an odourless cleaner as it might be that he thinks you've left "your" smell in HIS litter box and it's annoying him. This is not abnormal as cats, especially only cats, can get very territorial. I suggest you try to leave as little of a strange scent thee as you possibly can and just chalk it up as one of his little quirks and leave it at that. Stay out of his way for a while after cleaning the tray so he doesn't get into the habit of bullying you for going into his territory. There is really not much you can do about it without possibly causing other emotional upsets as a litter tray is very personal. I have one cat who gets furious if the other cats dare to use her litter tray and she's been known to dig everything out if they do.
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