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  • Kitty_Pryde_and_JackKitty_Pryde_and_Jack los angelesMember Posts: 317 ✭✭✭

    @CatsterAdmin We Is So Sad!!! We is so confused at dis new site cuz it is nuffin like da old site that we loves sooo much. Dere was magic in tha old site, but now dis doesn't even look real. We really thought dat you were bringing back evfurything that we had and were sooo excited fur dat, and now we iz so sad. We nevfur got aksked questions on what we wanted ta seez and honestly, dis format looks so old dat we don't knows how it was awl moved ta a new server, because it wiped evfurrything out. How did awl tha forums and stuffs get saved (which need ta be purrivate) and our profiles are gone. Dey must be somewheres. We has 5 profiles awl tagether and was lookin ta makes a 6th fur tha new kitty in our house, but we can't do that. Indiana had a bridge annipurrsary last month and we couldn't even share about it like we has evfurry year, ta remembers what a special kitty he was. We understand dis is "beta" or whatevfur, but there has ta be something more that can be dones.

    Kitty Pryde and Jack

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 123 admin

    Thanks @Kitty_Pryde_and_Jack! We hear your concerns and will keep these in mind as we continue to update the community.

  • FridayFriday PlumasMember Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭

    I have a suggestion here since this set up won't work! It's horrible what they did!! Not really sure I want to be part of this, but I will give her a chance to hear us roar what we all loved and want back! If they can't do that, forget it! My personal blog rocks compared to this and you can read it and post comments on it.. I can decorate it up, have more than one page (Buddy had a memorial page there) post photos..if I can learn to do something simple like that on a blogspot, then the new owners can give us pages similar! I'm not making an individual account for each of my siblings! If they were to style it like a blogspot each of the furs could have their own pages, but share the main blog page for posts so others can comment and can post pictures when we want to and also decorate our pages an even have banners at the top! It's not hard, but what is showing here right now is not my cuppa tea!

    At least we can have our own individual pages, not have to make multiple accounts, which is not flying by anyone's standards and isn't gonna happen anyway!

    Here is a link to mine to see what I mean


  • FridayFriday PlumasMember Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭

    QUESTION! I found OKR!!!..made it private from public and see it says don't know the owner...well Friday is the head admin so that would make him the owner, but I really don't like that term! He is head admin..in the groups when there was an astrik beside the pets name that indicated who was ultimately in charge..how do I add Friday as the owner or in charge of that group? Thank you

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 123 admin

    Hi @Friday — could you comment or DM me the link to the group with more details?

  • SterlingAndTheSTeamSterlingAndTheSTeam Mount OliveMember Posts: 41,262 ✭✭✭

    HQ, thank you for creating a website that DOESN'T look like Facebook. As we all know, Catster has been in existence longer than Facebook. The main reason Catster was such a safe website is no one's name was given; everyone was known by their cats' name and that needs to be continued. Multiple accounts aren't an option for members either. Personally, I have 4 cats, 3 Bridge cats, 1 dog and 4 Bridge dogs and I know many members who have more than that. Also, the little smiley faces (for those who haven't downloaded their cat's picture) would be better if they were little kitty faces.

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 123 admin

    Hi @Mayhem ! Thanks for checking in. We are keeping our ears open for feedback but some of these changes and updates will take a while to make. We appreciate your feedback and your patience!

  • FridayFriday PlumasMember Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭
    edited 17 January, 2018

    @CatsterAdmin , hope this link works, not sure if it will...but if it does you will note in the black area it says unknown owner, well Friday has been head admin for years so I guess owner? http://community.catster.com/group/6877-orange-kitties-rock

  • CatsterAdminCatsterAdmin Administrator Posts: 123 admin

    Hey all—
    Please continue to check the FAQ page for updates!

  • CalvinCalvin ScottsdaleMember Posts: 8,818 ✭✭✭

    Since only cat per family (per email) is allowed, this has totally messed up all the groups that were in existence. Different cats in my family had numerous groups before, and now since I'm shown as the profile, all the groups now show me as Admin of that group. What a mess!

    The Cats in the Clover
    Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky, Sugar, Vivien, Newman, & Inky

  • FelixFelix Member Posts: 45,573 ✭✭✭

    MOL, Rufus! I understand - all of Coco's comments are now "credited" to me, and I would never talk like her.
    Seriously though, for me, these are the most important issues that need to be fixed:
    1. Allow multiple pets on one account, as it was previously. Have accounts set up only in the pets' names, not the human names.
    2. Bring back the pet profile pages from the old site. Existing members shouldn't have to do whole new profiles from scratch. Along with this bring back the option to upload multiple photos to our pages.
    3. Fix the glitch (I assume that was a glitch) that caused all the groups to default to public, and bring back the option for secret groups. Secret groups are not just invite-only, they can only be seen by members of that group.

    I think most of us understand that it will take some time to get the site completely set up and work out the bugs. I appreciate the efforts so far to bring Catster back and I hope you'll listen to the members and make these changes that are important to us. Above all, please continue to communicate and respond to our concerns. Thank you.

  • ÆthelingÆtheling Member Posts: 51,897 ✭✭✭

    One dog and One cat can share the same Email address here.
    Rosco and I each use the same Email address here, because one dog and one cat can share the same Email address, no problem.
    We are in the same group, PTLF, and, for those posts which have been posted since Sept 17th, only posts which were posted through Catster appear on Catster, and only posts which were posted through Dogster appear on Dogster, even though we are playing in the SAME thread in the SAME group.
    Dogs and Cats cannot talk to each other, unless they post and read in both Dogster and Catster.
    Same thread, same group.
    As an example, I'll use a public group most of us have posted in:

  • Snuggle_Liza_Tam_SylSnuggle_Liza_Tam_Syl Nashville/St. LouisMember Posts: 698 ✭✭✭

    @Mietzi_Katze in the profile section I found a notification options place where you can select what notifications you want to receive and how. I would prefer to just get a notification on phone instead of email, but so far, even though selected, no notifications coming on phone. Yes, the level thing seems like we are in competition with our friends. :/

    Snuggle, Liza, Orange Man, Sylvia, Sophie, Tammy, Gabriel, Kristopher, Nickolaus, Savannah, Bobbi, Trudy, Calli & Babies

  • Snuggle_Liza_Tam_SylSnuggle_Liza_Tam_Syl Nashville/St. LouisMember Posts: 698 ✭✭✭

    @SterlingAndTheSTeam mom wandered the same thing. She sent a screenshot of one of my pages to the Catster Admin, just in case they were not familiar.

    Snuggle, Liza, Orange Man, Sylvia, Sophie, Tammy, Gabriel, Kristopher, Nickolaus, Savannah, Bobbi, Trudy, Calli & Babies

  • Mietzi_KatzeMietzi_Katze IowaMember Posts: 2,292 ✭✭✭
    edited 17 January, 2018

    Thank you @Snuggle_Liza_Tam_Syl - I found it <3 . You have to go to edit profile and then on the right you can change notifications. You can either have them emailed to you, or a pop up here will tell you. I wonder what Event Notifications are? Notification that Christmas is coming, or a notification about my birthday? We will see.

  • Snuggle_Liza_Tam_SylSnuggle_Liza_Tam_Syl Nashville/St. LouisMember Posts: 698 ✭✭✭

    We wondered that too @Mietzi_Katze . We didn't know if it was just part of the underlying platform or if written in specifically for Catster. We would rather have push notifications. Maybe later. Right now just trying to find anything is a challenge. It was so easy before. :(

    Snuggle, Liza, Orange Man, Sylvia, Sophie, Tammy, Gabriel, Kristopher, Nickolaus, Savannah, Bobbi, Trudy, Calli & Babies

  • Timmy_TomcatTimmy_Tomcat Plymouth Meeting 19462Member Posts: 1,859 ✭✭✭

    On Sept 20
    Hi all—
    Great news — we’ve now added custom profile fields so you can customize your profile to your fur family:

    Buddy says it all! Are you KIDDING? What a Joke! Whoever is running this site has their head in the litter box! Under the Litter!! Good Lord

  • Snuggle_Liza_Tam_SylSnuggle_Liza_Tam_Syl Nashville/St. LouisMember Posts: 698 ✭✭✭

    We are not sure they have actually seen Catster before. Mom sent a screenshot of part of my profile page. Maybe they just don't know what it is we are expecting. We know it won't be the same as before, but hopefully we will be able to get closer to what we had. Paws crossed.

    Snuggle, Liza, Orange Man, Sylvia, Sophie, Tammy, Gabriel, Kristopher, Nickolaus, Savannah, Bobbi, Trudy, Calli & Babies

  • ÆthelingÆtheling Member Posts: 51,897 ✭✭✭

    One of my kitty friends is having a problem, that their ZIP Code is showing up when they post.
    It is not even the same ZIP Code they have now.
    It is NOT in the section which is labeled "pet's hometown"
    It is in his location.
    But he cannot get into his location to edit it.
    He will not play here, until he can get that ZIP Code from showing up in his posts.
    He did try to put in his hometown, to erase that old ZIP Code, but that does not show up. Just the old ZIP Code.

  • LilyLily BranfordMember Posts: 23,403 ✭✭✭

    When you click on a forum or whatever, what should come up first is the LAST page, not the FIRST page. Otherwise it's hard to participate in discussions or play games.

  • please_delete_my_accountplease_delete_my_account Member Posts: 2
    edited 24 September, 2017

    Seems like everything I personally loved about Cat Fancy now Catster - Website, Magazine App, Magazine giveaways.... has been delayed and / or completely obliterated from existence(took a year to receive my prize reward from a Catster Giveaway and only actually received it because I pestered your editors via e-mail monthly and sometimes weekly). I miss Cat Fancy, honestly. I feel as if my cat loving self has almost been punished with this "New" Catster magazine and site. I honestly won't use this site the way it is now - if this is how our loyalty is going to be rewarded, you've lost my business as a long-term subscriber of the once Cat Fancy Magazine. Am I the only one that feels this way? Hit Agree if you relate?

  • Snuggle_Liza_Tam_SylSnuggle_Liza_Tam_Syl Nashville/St. LouisMember Posts: 698 ✭✭✭

    @xFelineFrenziex I think everyone is really sad right now. We were waiting to see our pages and we open up the site to see they are gone. We are sending suggestions and hoping they will be able to rebuild things.
    We subscribed to Cats for years. That magazine morphed into Cat Fancy, following some copyright issues, if I remember correctly. I subscribed to Cat Fancy and now Catster. I have not entered any contests, but I felt as a supporter of the magazine, I was helping keep our community alive. I am still here because this community is very important to me and I hope one day it will be restored. There are a lot of cat lovers out here. I believe this could be a thriving community again.

    Snuggle, Liza, Orange Man, Sylvia, Sophie, Tammy, Gabriel, Kristopher, Nickolaus, Savannah, Bobbi, Trudy, Calli & Babies

  • CaspurrCaspurr Member Posts: 27 ✭✭

    Somewhere in discussion there was mention of a "search" box...when it came to looking for old friends pray tell...where is this "search"???? >^..^<

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