Help with Male Cat peeing

hello cat lovers! I have been having a issues with my adult male cat who is new (2 months) to the house. he is the only cat. he does use his litter box as normal (in normal amounts) however he squats down on the carpet and clothing and pees a little. the urine doesn't smell or resemble spraying at all. this happens 5 or 6 times daily, and he pees a good amount in the box 2 times a day. HELP please!


  • LorenaAvilaLorenaAvila Member Posts: 2

    Hi Andy, the first thing I suggest you to do is taking your cat to the Vet to discard urinary problems which is not unusual in male cats. Once cleared of any urinary issues you need to start observing when your cat displays this behavior. Is there any other animal outside that your cat can see through a window?. Sometimes cats spot other cats through a window and this causes a territorial threat for your pet. Have you neutered your cat? I assume you did but it's always good to ask, if you haven't you must do it. Do you have a high spot for you cat to see the whole room? If your cat can't get in a higher position where to see its "territory" from above it will feel insecure and may try to mark it to remind himself he owns that territory. Have you provided your cat its own space in the house, such as hiding places? If your cat doesn't have its own spaces in the house it will feel unhappy and will display this behavior. Another question is, do you leave your cat alone too much? sometimes cats urinate as a sign of separation anxiety and this means they love you and miss you. Another important aspect is eliminating the urine molecules of the areas where your cat has been urinating. Search for a urine destroyer, I use Nature's Miracle spray and it works wonders. This will stop your cat from urinating again on the same spot. Finally, make sure your cat's litter box is always clean. Hope that helps!

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