Why is my cat so tempermental?

Victoria MyersVictoria Myers Member Posts: 1 ✭✭
My baby girl Lilly has always been a bit tempermental but overall she is a very good cat. But she really likes trying to slip past you when you open the door. She REALLY wants to go outside. Naturally, when I moved into my second story apartment with a balcony, I figured I'd kitty-proof it for her. I put chicken wire around the posts and pushed back so nothing sharp stuck out and so she couldn't slip through the bars and try to jump off the balcony. Now I allow her to come outside SUPERVISED with food, water and toys. She generally enjoys it and just lays out in the sun for a while and then goes inside when she wants through our open window on the balcony. But for some reason NOW she jumps on top of the bars which scares me that she'll jump from it and fall and hurt herself or run away.. When I picked her up from the bar I immediately put her inside but she got mad and hissed at me. I stayed outside with our other cat Jax who doesn't attempt anything like Lilly. After 10 minutes I let her back out to which she IMNEDIATELY jumped back on the bar so I put her inside for good tonight and also put Jax inside because he was tired. Lilly hissed and growled at me while in my arms and jumped to attack my leg when I put her down. Why is she acting like this? Does anyone know how I can help her calm down? Or a way I can block off the top half of my balcony without blocking the sunlight?


  • JotownJotown Member Posts: 5

    Hi! I might be able to help you. There could be multiple reasons your cat Lilly is acting the way she is. One, when you let her out and you said she grew used to it, maybe she is know brave enough to venture and wants to get out. Two, (and most usual) She might be acting like this because a fellow bird is outside the wire. Does she make any kind of chattering noise? If so I believe that is absolutely why she attacks you. If that's the case, give her space. A cat will attack you if she is in hunt mode and you pick her up or hold her. If not, She might have a disease. Cat's that are already temperamental, can get diseases that will make them more so (Ask your vet). Another thing that might be going on with your cat is she might be afraid of Jax. I have never met your cat's, so I don't know, but she might be trying to get away from him. I hope maybe some of this info can help or even fix your problem. If this does not help, you can give me more details on the problem so we can go further into this together or you can ask someone else. Thanks, Jotown & Patty.

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