Sneezing/Runny Stuffy Nose

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This is going to be a bit long but I'm hoping that if I give all the details it'll help come to some solution.
Emma (Lynx Point Siamese) came to me as a rescue a year and a half ago. Fortunately, she arrived with a little medical history and I learned that she was previously diagnosed with possible asthma. Upon taking her to my vet he did not believe it was asthma and after x-raying her he told me she had " a touch of emphysema." Along with that she had a runny stuffy nose and sneezed a lot which was not fixed with antibiotics. It sort of came and went. She'd be good for a stretch and then the symptoms would begin again. For the last several months her nose has been running pretty much constantly along with a lot of sneezing. Let me add here that her teeth are in good shape. They've been cleaned and she has had two extractions. The last time I had her at the vet he recommended half a Zyrtec once a day which really hasn't done much to relieve the symptoms. I've also purchased an air purifier which hasn't really helped either. While she hasn't lost weight, I notice lately that she isn't eating all that much and I'm wondering if the condition is preventing her from smelling her food. She doesn't really seem ill but I know she has to be uncomfortable. She also swallows a lot (post nasal drip?). My cat litter is low dust and I don't burn candles or use air fresheners. Her diet is also grain free. I'm really at the end of my rope and don't know where to go with this. My vet mentioned something about doing an allergy panel which is kind of pricey but that's probably going to be my next resort. Can anyone suggest anything I can do to help her? Supplements perhaps? Could I be dealing with something other than allergies? I'm open to any and all suggestions. Many thanks.


  • Tender MoonTender Moon Member Posts: 2
    Update: Upon being prescribed Azithromycin for chronic UTI issues the respiratory problems have completely cleared up. I now have a happy, healthy cat who is symptom-free for the first time in many months. This is the only antibiotic that has worked.
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