Rehome a new cat (I think she is 1year old)

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Long story short. Wife got a cat, we renamed Zoey, from her brother, who has 1 dog and now 2 cats (was 3) the house also has 2 young kids who in my opinion terrorize the animals. From what I was told Zoey spent a lot of time hiding, I am guessing from the kids. She has been with us for about 2'ish weeks and she seems to spend her time hiding here. At night the wife will find her, pick her up and she will sit on my lap or her lap and loves the brushing and petting. She will roll around wanting her tummy rubbed and her head scratched. If I get off the sofa for a drink she seems to take note and gets on edge but its not until I start walking back that she tends to take off and hide again. I image its just time and she needs to get use to us but is there something I can do to make it easier on her? For the most part during the day I kind of ignore her and just leave her be in her hiding spot. I don't really go looking for her and I don't really see her at all. I do hear her at night playing with some toys and on her scratching post so she is roaming around when we are in bed.
Should I just leave her be and when she is ready she will be more social???



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    If your cat is hiding but healthy, leave her alone. She'll come out when she's ready. Forcing her out of her hiding spot will only make her more fearful. Make sure she has easy access to food, water and a litter box. Clean the litter box and change the food and water every day so you know whether she's eating and drinking.

    Don't try to pick her up, let her come to you. Play some soft music for her to help calm her down. Sit down on the floor and read to her and talk to her. If she comes out of hiding, encourage her and talk to her, but don't force her onto your lap or anything she's not ready to do. You can also entice her to come out by playing with an interactive toy like a feather on a string. She'll most likely come out when the house is quiet to eat and explore. Don't try to get too frantic or stressed about it as she'll pick up on it and that will freak her out even more.

    Food is a great motivator for cats, so if yours is afraid of someone in the house, give that person feeding duty.

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