Urinating Outside of Litter box (HELP!)

Hello, I am at my wits end here. My cat is urinating outside of her box. I've taken her to the vet for an examination and the cat has a clear bill of health; no UTI, no crystals, no bladder infection. Nothing in our household has changed. We've had the cat for about 1.5 years, and we have not added any new family members, nor have any family members left (animal or human). The inappropriate urination began about four months ago. She is only urinating in one spot; on the carpet by the sliding glass door. We have a small home and she has access to two litter boxes. Both litter boxes are cleaned twice daily. The litter does not hurt her paws as she seems to like digging in it. She does also urinate in the box, so this is truly a mystery. I have never caught her in the act of peeing on the floor and I never punish her for it. I simply clean up the mess and tell her what a good girl she is when I see her using her box. Any help or suggestions are beyond appreciated!!


  • D1RT135F23D1RT135F23 Member Posts: 2
    Our cat, female of 13, has been doing something similar. We have been in a new apartment for about four months but this peeing outside the box showed up only a month or less ago. Like your friend she has no UTI and the box has been clean as well. She has, however, been a bit constipated which her vet says can be a cause of this behavior. He also made it clear that he felt the likelihood of this being some kind of angry response was very little. Please share any new information you learn and thank you for sharing. 🐈
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