I need help introducing my current cat to a new kitten

I have a 3 month old named Louie, I decided to get him a friend (8week old) baby kitten. I brought him home and let them do their thing but Louie is being very stubborn and not really warming up to the baby. They are not hissing as much but not they are gently fighting, not like a cat fight, little hits and meows Advice?


  • RatscratchFevahRatscratchFevah Member Posts: 8
    Scraps are inevitable.  They will warm up to each other.  The kitten will learn boundaries the older cat sets.  The small fights is how the older cat tells the kitten what's unacceptable.  If problems increase try a separate litter box/food dish.  Kittens play endlessly and it may irritate the older cat sometimes.  You'll know when there is a disagreement by the quick growl or hiss or quick slap. It's how they say its best time to stop i dont like that.  Eventually they will be friends. But occasionally they will have small scraps... I dealt with a cat that would relentlessly attack corner and assert dominance painfully biting the neck of another cat.  I sprayed the attacker with a spray bottle whenever I saw this happening.  After awhile it dramatically reduced the incidences
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