He has fleas!

My little boy has fleas!

I adopted him two months ago and he's strictly indoors. He was itchy all the time. Dry flaky skin. Hated being brushed. Hated butt scritches. The freckles I adored on his face were actually caked on flea poops!  I pretty much got the blow torch out. I was/am angry at his previous owners.They could have at least told me.

Immediate action:
1. Vacuumed.
2. Cleaned and washed every fabric I own, literally. Hot water. 
3. Flea sprayed (w IGR included) every nook, cranny and thing. Twice in two weeks.
4. Threw out all his furniture.
5. Bathed him with flea shampoo.
6. Frontline flea meds him.
7. Slathered him in coconut oil.

It's been two weeks and three baths. Today I saw two adults, dead, being washed down the drain. Significant improvement. I feel confident i broke the flea lifecycle but they're still cropping up.

1. How much longer will it take to get rid of them entirely?
2. How often should I give him baths until they're gone?
3. How often should I be washing everything until they're gone?
4. Am I missing anything else I could be doing?

He's so much more relieved. He's figured out all this "torture" means less itching and scratching and skin irritation. He grooms me multiple times a day now and we can make a cuddle puddle! I still feel poorly this poor dude is going through this and I need a rough ETA please? 

Thank you. :)


  • GordyWhittakerGordyWhittaker ReadingMember Posts: 6 ✭✭
    We've tried several products over the past 10+ years including Advantage, Frontline, and Soresto.  Of these products, Soresto is by far the best.  The collars last at least 6 months and we haven't had any side effect issues for the past year!
  • Edgar1985Edgar1985 Member Posts: 5
    I also encountered such a problem, firstly, we do prevention once every 3-6 months, he wears the collar constantly and everything else, constant cleaning the house, we have made our lives easier with the robot vacuum, because there is no time to clean all the home it several times a day
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