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♥ Heartland Horse Feild ♥ Hey everycat! You may already know me, then again, you may not. For those of you who do not, I'm Mr.Fluff. *Holds out paw* Now, Mommy and I have just recently found our new passion for horses. Now we both want a horse. At Heartland, we can make that happen! Some of your humans may know about the series "Heartland" and that's what got mommy and I inspired. Now, about this feild. Heartland is a big feild of grass where the horses graze. We have five barns with horses in their very own stalls, with their own feed buckets, grooming tools, saddle and anything else you would ever need. If you need any help, I will be here and the stable hands. Oh, and please keep away from the tree over there *points that's where my old horse, Pegasus, was buried. MY HORSES *Sundance- Sundance is my horse. He is very high-spirited so I would suggust him for more expeirianced riders. He's very beautiful and a GREAT show-jumper. Please ask my permission before riding him. He's a sandy coloured stallion with a almost white mane and tail. *Storm- Storm is my dapple gray pony.He looks almost like Pegasus! He's a great jumping horse like Pegasus was. He likes to be playful but knows when to be serious. He's very experianced and will walk, trot, canter,gallop and jump on comand. Please ask for my permission to ride him. *Petal Midnight- Petal is a pretty all black mare, except for her forehead, which has a small star. Her show name is Petal Midnight, but we call her Petal. She's an expert when it comes to shows. She loves to be the center of attention and will get jealous when I'm with other horses. She can only be ridden by me unless you want to enter her in a competition. *Summer-Summer is a white arabian mare with brown spotted marks on her. She's very high spirited and loves to play. She needs constant attention for she will buck and canter around playfully for quite some time. Summer is my horse but please feel free to ride her! P.S , SpindleBerry is my pony too, but I put him under "Fillies and Colts". The HORSES USED FOR RIDING Promise. - She's a beautiful palomino with a dark brown body, and a cream coloured mane and tail. She gets a little nervous to new riders. So you must be gentle. Please ask permission before riding her. Dazzle. For sale-Dazzle is a blue roan stallion. He was sent here because of behevioral problems. Now that I've gained his trust, he'll let anyone ride him now! Please PM me if you'd like to buy him. Amber- Wow, I have SO many horses here at Heartland!! Amber is a red roan mare who jumps like a dream. Anyone that meets her, loves her at first sight. She was bought at a horse sale and I decided to buy her when nobody else would. Dancer. For sale- Dancer is a beautiful chestnut mare. She isn't much of a jumper, but she loves riding on the trails. She's fun to ride because he's so strong and playful. Please PM me if you'd like to buy her. SugarFoot- SugarFoot is an adorable little Shetland pony. He is a cream colour with a white tail and mane. He is not for riding, but you may try dressage with him. He may be ridden for dogs that are smaller than me. Sugarfoot is a permenant resident at Heartland Loup- Loup was attacted by mountain lions when his owner had to run up a tree. He was a little nervous at first, but now he's a great cattle horse and great to ride. He's a cream colour with the smallest white spotted markings. He's a very handsome horse. Melody- Melody is DayBreak's mom. Melody may be ridden now. She's still as spunky as ever. She looks alot like DayBreak but she has spots on her forehead and stocking marks on her legs. Flint- A beautiful iron-gray Throughbred. He's very athletic with strong, clean legs and a noble head. You must show him that you're in charge in order for him to listen to you. Best for advanced riders. Gypsy- Gypsy is a dark brown palomino mare with a light brown coloured mane and tail. She's very good with new riders, though she's been through alot of moving. You must approach her gentley and show her that you're not a threat. Best for any type rider. Scarlett- A brown mare with a black mane and tail. She's VERY gentle and nickers when anyone goes into the barn. She's sort of a piggy though. She's loves to get mints! She's best for normal riders. FILLIES AND COLTS Rosie- Rosie's an appaloosa filly. She would fight you if you tried to get a halter on her. She's fine now. It's fun to chase her in the feild, as long as you're gentle and not seem like a threat. She can't be ridden yet. DayBreak- DayBreak is Melody's daughter. DayBreak is way to young to ride, but I'm sure she'll be great. Daybreak is a bright bay colour. with a long white marking on her forehead. *SpindleBerry Spindleberry is one of the most adorible colts I've ever seen! He has a dark brown body with a lught brown mane and tail. He's VERY energetic and loves to jump and play. I'm still training him so that he can be the best horse he can be! He has lots of love to give and will do almost anything for a sugarcube! He can't be ridden yet though. He's my pony so please ask permission before handling him. HORSES THAT ARE OWNED BY OTHER CATS THE TRAILS AND SUCH Lovers Trail -- Lovers trail is a big winding trail, filled with roses and flowers on the side. The trail is wide enough for 2 cats on their horses to ride together, side by side. Friends Furever Trail --Friends Furever trail is a big, wide open space with trees, grass and all sorts of nature stuff. This trail can hold 4 cats on their horses, side by side. Blooms Trail. -- As soon as you get to Blooms trail, you'll relize why it's called "Blooms" Trail! This trail has big apple, pear, and lots of different fruit trees! All the fruits are horse and cat safe so you can just pluck them, shine the on your fur and eat them! This trail holds 3 cats on their horses. Singles Trail The cute little trail leads to a huge wide open spce with a large waterfall and a huge big oak tree with a bench circleing around it. When you get to the tree, we left a big box full of toys, swimming gear and ropes to tie your horses somewhere. Meet other single and chat with them. The Snack Bar This snack bar has everything you've ever wanted! Snacks, meals, barbecue, fruit, horse feed, dog treats, and different kinds of smoothies, milkshakes, pop, water and alchohol drinks. I am hiring 2 cats to work here at the snack bar I have room for more horses to come. I'll allow some from cats that haven't boarded any yet. If you want, they can stay here. On one condition- other cats must be aloud to ride him or her. If you have a horse or pony that you'd like to board, please PawMail me with his or her information. It costs one rosette or 50 bones to board a horse here. 10 minutes: 10 bones 30 minutes: 20 1 hour: 30 bones I'm now hiring, Manager/ owner: Cheeko and Mr.Fluff Assistant Manager: Stable Hands- Horse Trainers: Riding lessons teachers: Night feeders: Head Groomer: Heartland Horse Feild is for hanging around, being around horses and just chatting! Just have fun. Fluff xxxxxxxx If you want to work here, PM me FIRST. Also, you may only have 3 horses max here at heartland. Per FAMILY. We now have some horses for sale. If you see the word "For sale" beside them, then you may PM me with a price (Rosettes or bones) of your choice. ALSO! My brother, Cheeko, oringinally made this idea so we thought we'd share this idea. He made one in Dogster Crushes and I made one in Catster crushes. I have made a small mistake. I kinda forgot to write down everycats own horses. If you still remember, please PM me again with your horses info and such. HAVE FUN!


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