Lets Chill Here! Xmas TALK

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Hello im Carlitos The Snow Kitty he he he :) Xmas is almost here so lets make this a Xmas lounge! Lets talk about Xmas and wut we would like to get? With who we want to spend Xmas? and things like that. Now lets CHILL. Carlitos www.professionalcat.piczo.com thats my site :)


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    Hmmm this sounds like fun... Can somecat please pass the nipnog? As for what I want this Christmas, I want to find myself, lounging in front of a fire with my beautiful black mistress and a belly full of crab meat and turkey. *closes his eyes and purrs*
  • Charlene DitnerCharlene Ditner FormosaMember Posts: 1,545 ✭✭
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I would like a cheese ball please!!! I wish for Ruben under the tree on Christmas Eve, but of course my main wish is for all the kitties in the world to have a loving home like mine. *Raises bowl of nipnog*....Cheers!
  • Sandy ColemanSandy Coleman WashingtonMember Posts: 438
    edited 27 February, 2006
    Well, can I be honest? We have a lot of company at Christmas and sometimes it gets a little noisy for me because . . . well, I\'m kind of a laid back guy. I love relaxing with my Mom in front of the tree. And packages with bells on them! As for me, I hope I get my usual box filled with toys that I can lie on for the rest of the year. Mostly, though, Christmas makes me realize what a lucky kitty I am. I wish all kitties could have a warm home and people to love them.
  • Nancy HornbergerNancy Hornberger Commerce Twp.Member Posts: 3,723
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I am like Rufus, a bunch of people in my house makes me nervous. This year Mom & Dad will be going out to visit their humans which will make for a peaceful holiday here. Mommy & Daddy both are on vacation over the holidays for the first time ever! I am looking forward to having them home for the holidays.
  • Nancy HornbergerNancy Hornberger Commerce Twp.Member Posts: 3,723
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    I was very tiny last year so I don\'t remember my first Christmas. I am having a ton of fun chewing on presents and Mom just found out I have chewed most of the names of the stockings. Just trying to keep Mom on her toes.
  • Alison GeargeouraAlison Geargeoura Member Posts: 157
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    Hey kits! Wow - who made the nip-nog, that is fantastic stuff! I am looking forward to just having a quiet one this year - and making sure I get the wrapping paper. I hope Charlotte gets loads of ribbons from Santa Paws, as they are one of her favorite things. Calvin will be having his first xmas - so we will play lots of games! Hopefully I will have been good enough for Santa Paws to get us a kitty litter we like, and loads of wet foods (keep getting dry food - boring!). Hope also that you all get love, as I think that kind of makes any time with my Mommy special (as long as she doesnt cuddle me or dress me up or try to get me to wash in a b-a-t-h - eeew) Merry Seasonings :) Boo
  • Jennifer CapitaoJennifer Capitao MiddletownMember Posts: 82
    edited 27 February, 2006
    I found a bag last night with toys in it!!!!! I think mommy saw me though, she started yelling at me! :-) I can't wait till christmas! Oh and I also heard daddy talking about getting me a really girly carrier for christmas since I grew to much for my old one!
  • Lindsay RoweLindsay Rowe ArcticMember Posts: 1,776
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    This is my first Christmas ever. I wrote about all the fun in my diary. What I like best is people come over and I get TONS of food and attention.
  • Dianna MattscheckDianna Mattscheck North KingstownMember Posts: 9
    edited 27 February, 2006
    My first Christams...I am very excited. I hear my owners talking about differnt toys and fun things for me. I have already been very spoiled my first week here, but I know Christmas will be good. I think I am going to be alone most of Christmas, since my owners have to go over to families houses. But that is ok. I will spend the day eating, napping, eating and playing with all my wicked cool toys :) Maybe when my owners are gone I can work at getting into that cage with that furry little creature in it. Yes, I can be a very naughty kitty.
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