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Past deaths from melamine?

Francia WebbFrancia Webb Member Posts: 53
edited 30 April, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
Last year, three of my cats had to be put to sleep because of health issues. I also lost my two dogs. Two of the cats were 16+ years old. One dog was 15 years old, and the other had diabetes with multiple complications. But, other than the dog with diabetes, I really had not expected to lose any of them much less one after another. Renal failure, congestive heart disease, cancer were the varying causes identified by our vet. But, I then and now wonder about poisoning of some sort. To have them crash as they did made no sense to me. I know that I have not come to grips with losing them so maybe I am just looking for answers that are not to be found. Any info out there about earlier pet deaths that just did not makes sense? It is now clear that the melamine has been in the pet food for a long time. Was it causing earlier deaths that did not get identified until recently?


  • melissa muttermelissa mutter West ChesterMember Posts: 10,189
    edited 29 April, 2007
    It does make you wonder doesn't it! I wonder what the next days and weeks will reveal about this terrible, terrible situation! In the meantime get the word out! Tell everyone you will not stand for POISON in your food! a href=>Write your Senator Write your Congressperson Sign the petition to hold pet food companies accountable Fill in the blanks to contact the FDA Write your Congressperson Sign the petition to hold pet food companies accountable Fill in the blanks to contact the FDA
  • Kimberly BrooksKimberly Brooks Member Posts: 61
    edited 29 April, 2007
    My kitty autumn died in Sept 06. She just got sick all of the sudden and that was it but she started having problems in July and then it got better and then she got sick again in Sept. My mom and sister wonder if it was from the tanted food :(( (she ate some wet Iams food) since she has never been sick or anything wrong with her until that episode. The vet couldnt tell us what was wrong b/c by the time they got the results back, she would be dead but when we took her she only lived about 10 days after the vet visit :(( . I kept thinking that they were wrong and shed bounce back and be ok. So we dont know, could be a possibility tho....:? But it could of been in the foods earlier like you said and they didnt know about it. Now theyre talking about pigs eatting tanted food....
  • Hazel_LucyHazel_Lucy PurrsvilleMember Posts: 6,156 ✭✭✭
    edited 30 April, 2007
    I am convinced that my furhusband Buddie was sickened by bad food a year ago. His brother Ricki was dying and had special food. Buddie would sneak over and eat it. Within a short time Buddie was sick. I believe that Menu Foods knew over a year ago, but hoped the problem would be kept quiet, that no one would realize what was happening. I think it's time for tests to be run on food samples from early 2006. Anyone have cans from late 2005 and early 2006 to send to the FDA?
  • Kimberly BrooksKimberly Brooks Member Posts: 61
    edited 30 April, 2007
    nope not me, my autumn ate the wet packets and they are listed on the tant food list :( . But maybe someone else has them. I think its rude of them to keep quiet if they knew the food was bad. They must not think animals are important to people :((
  • Francia WebbFrancia Webb Member Posts: 53
    edited 30 April, 2007
    I never thought to keep old pet food or even new pet food at that. With the initial recall, I tossed everything I had by the companies listed. I did not bother with what the date was or the serial number was. Then I went out and bought among other things, Natural Balance! It did not make a recall list for quite awhile; when it did, I took all I had and returned it to the store. Fortunately, my dogs would not eat it anyway, but my two cats probably ate some of the cat food. They have not been sick, and time has passed. I dumped all that I had at Natural Balance's first recall. As it turned out, they did finally recall what I returned. So crazy making. It does look like a couple of people also had suspicious pet deaths in 2006. With the pets I lost in 2006, each had had regular vet visits for shots, teeth cleaning and so on. So, just how any and all earlier symptoms could have been missed really makes no sense. Each of my pets became acutely ill and terminal. Each had to be put to sleep. I am now feeding Solid Gold and Avoderm but checking daily for recalls.
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