How Much Food for Mom and Weaned Kittens?

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I never really could get a straight answer from the foster coordinator on this, but these cats are HUNgry! I am now up to giving them two cans of kitten food in the AM (6 oz total) and 2 cans of kitten food at around 5PM (another 6 oz total.) Also, unlimited dry Purina Pro Plan Kitten Food. I admit that, at times, Miss Kitty seems so hungry, that I am giving her a few extra ounces of wet. much is the RIGHT amount? Thanks to Hunter, I know adult cats should get about an ounce per pound per day...for Miss Kitty that is probably 7-8. But, then they say that nursing mothers appetites are about double their normal intake. And, let me tell you, she practically BEGS for the wet food. Add to that that the 3 boys are DEFINITELY eating a decent share of the wet (Miss Lyla still seems to be mainly nursing) THEN how much should they get? From what I have read, they should be close to 3 pounds each by 8 weeks....let's say they are closing in on 2 pounds now...that would be 4 kittens X 2 ounces of wet per day (8 ounces) plus how much for Mom? 12 ounces for all five doesn't seem like it would necessarily be it? They are all very healthy and doing great. I just want to make sure I do the right thing now that we are down to the last three weeks before they leave me. Anyone with experience is greatly appreciated.


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    Kittens gain an average of 1 pound per month, so at 8 weeks they ahould be around 2-2 and 1/2 pounds. Energy requirements: For cats, energy requirements are ~70 kcal/kg for lean adults, ~200 kcal/kg for growing kittens, and ~150 kcal/kg for lactating queens. If the kittens weigh 2# then that is approximately 1 kg. ( 1kg=2.2lbs.) So they should be getting about 200 kcals per day. Miss Kitty should receive (if she's 8# and still nursing) 545kcals/day. If she's not nursing anymore then she should get about 255 kcal/day. The cans of food should have a kcal/can on them. You can divide this number by the number of ounces in the can to determine how many ounces to feed per day. EX: if your food says it's 350 kcal/can and the can is 5 oz. then each ounce would be 70 kcals. Hope this helps. If you need more info or can't find calories on the can, pmail me and I can help you track down the info.
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    Thanks for verifying my instincts, Hunter! I am going to keep making sure they get enough food. ( I didn't grow up with Italian ancestry for nothing!!!) BTW...Miss Lyla is also eating now. All are bundles of energy and my deepest hope is that they all find loving forever homes. I am giving them a great first 8 weeeks filled with love and safety. I hope they have that always.
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