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Blue Buffalo recalls ALL canned dog and cat food

Karin PruessnerKarin Pruessner DurbanMember Posts: 2,110
edited 11 May, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
BREAKING NEWS: Blue Buffalo Recalls All Canned Dog and Cat Food, As Well As Treats Blue Buffalo just announced another expansion of the recall covering: * All Blue brand can dog foods * All Spa Select brand can cat foods * All Blue Health Bar treats. The release indicates that rice protein was added without their knowledge to these products. Blue Buffalo attributes this to “tampering” by their contract manufacturer American Nutrition, who was connected to several other recalls on Thursday.


  • Ann BassettAnn Bassett TallahasseeMember Posts: 139
    edited 27 April, 2007
    This is very scary. Here's what the website said: April 26, 2007 Dear Pet Parents, Due to a product-tampering incident, I regret to inform you that we are recalling all BLUE dog can products, Spa Select cat can products and BLUE Health Bars effective immediately. It is extremely difficult for us to make this announcement as we spoke with many of you last week, before this tampering incident was known, and assured you that only one production run of Spa Select kitten dry food was unfit for consumption. The product tampering came to our attention when American Nutrition, Inc. (ANI), the manufacturer of our canned dog and cat foods and biscuits, informed us that they had been adding rice protein concentrate to our canned formulas without our knowledge or approval. Apparently this has been going on for some time, and ANI only chose to inform us when the FDA began an investigation of their rice protein concentrate supplies. While this activity by ANI is in itself unlawful, the situation is further complicated by the fact that ANI has been receiving rice protein concentrate contaminated with melamine from Wilbur-Ellis. So while no BLUE or Spa Select canned product has tested positive for the presence of the melamine, and there have been no reported illnesses from our canned foods, we have lost all confidence in the honesty and integrity of ANI, and the products that they manufacture. For this reason, we have decided to remove all of our canned foods and biscuits from the retail market. While this may seem to some as a major over-reaction, the Blue Buffalo Company was founded on the principle of providing the highest quality and most nutritious pet foods available to our pet parents. Anything less is not acceptable. The obvious question is how could Blue Buffalo not know that ANI was altering the formulas by putting in an ingredient such as rice protein concentrate. The simple answer is we trusted ANI as a partner. They deliberately deceived us and betrayed our trust. In the end, it all comes down to integrity. ANI has not been honest with us or with pet parents who trust BLUE, so we are going to temporarily stop the production and sale of all cans and biscuits until we can provide you with products that are exactly what we say they are. We have already taken steps to identify a new manufacturer-a company with integrity that will meet the standards of excellence that our brand is known for and that pet parents have come to expect from BLUE. We want to thank our loyal pet parents who have stood by us during these extraordinary times, and we pledge to you that we will continue to do the right thing for our beloved cats and dogs. Sincerely, The Bishop and The Blue Buffalo Company Family Go to
  • edited 27 April, 2007
    Holy Katz! I know a lot of cats recommended this "brand." The thing cat mother has learned is that we think we are getting a name-brand, but they seem to have merged many brands into one manufacturer or distributor so it is like it is the same food packaged differently. Another tip: read not only the ingredients, but see who the source top corporate owner is.
  • edited 27 April, 2007
    Taffy-Morgana, our posts crossed! Just as we thought. It was nice of Blue Buffalo to speak of trust and integrity...we feel absolutely no trust and have seen no sign of integrity until the Powers-that-Be began to investigate and it is all coming out. oh, Ick!
  • Lis CareyLis Carey Member Posts: 5,402
    edited 27 April, 2007
    The thing cat mother has learned is that we think we are getting a name-brand, but they seem to have merged many brands into one manufacturer or distributor so it is like it is the same food packaged differently. No, Jacques, that's not correct. When your mother bought Natural Balance or Blue Buffalo for you, she wasn't buying Special Kitty at three times the price. These companies called "contract manufacturers" made each of the brand-name companies' foods to the brand-name companies' own specifications, and the different foods really are different. Natural Balance and Blue Buffalo are much higher-quality foods than Special Kitty. (Although many kitties like Special Kitty and did just fine on it, until it and so many others got contaminated.) What happened in the first few rounds of recalls is that many food do include wheat gluten, corn gluten, or rice protein concentrate as an ingredient, and the contract manufacturers starting using a much cheaper source for those things--turned out it was cheaper because the suppliers (in China) were cheating. What happened in this latest recall of Blue Buffalo and Natural Balance canned is that the contract manufacturer, American Nutrition, was apparently cheating, and adding rice protein concentrate (from that really cheap/cheating source) to foods that weren't supposed to contain it. Expect Blue Buffalo and Natural Balance to go after American Nutrition in a BIG way!
  • edited 27 April, 2007
    Oooh, Aquavit, we were trying to say what you said, but you said it better! No issue with Blue Buffalo! Just a general vent re trust in the cheating or cutting corners that we see in products across the board. Is there really a food called Special Kitty? *hangs head and makes note to keep cat mother off computer early a.m.*
  • Lis CareyLis Carey Member Posts: 5,402
    edited 27 April, 2007
    Jacques, yes, shockingly enough, there is a food called Special Kitty. It's a Walmart house brand. And don't worry too much about your mama; everybody's mama needs to be kept off the computer early in the a.m.!
  • D GarmanD Garman RichmondMember Posts: 745
    edited 29 April, 2007
    Mom is off having an absolute fit about this. Fortunately, I turned my nose up at BB canned food. I'll eat the crunchies (and I currently am) but would NOT touch that stuff. Give me my Fancy Feast. I'm curious to hear what more of you kitties think of BB? I appreciate them recalling the food and it SOUNDS like maybe they aren't at fault but ... well, do you think they were really unaware about what was going down or is this just a good spin they're putting on things? And another thing, how do we know what's on the label is really what's going into the food if things can be added without their knowledge?? This is most upsetting.
  • Catherine BogartCatherine Bogart San JoseMember Posts: 767
    edited 29 April, 2007
    Wow, The food I was eating was recalled a few days ago. Foster Mom is really freaked out by all of this, she says she's gonna feed me some "raw" if she gets the OK from the rescue I came from.
  • VM PetrackVM Petrack Waterford (Erie)Member Posts: 145
    edited 9 May, 2007
    Contaminated Blue Spa Kitten food is what poisoned little Finnegan - I too was recommended this product because it was supposed to be completely organic. Finney is at the vet's right now in acute renal failure and his prognosis is bleak. If you have purchased any of Blue Bluff's products, DO NOT FEED IT TO YOUR PRECIOUS KITTIES! I wouldn't wish this heartache on anyone. :((
  • eva pennyeva penny chehalisMember Posts: 528
    edited 9 May, 2007
    Tucker's Mom: I'm so very Sorry to hear what you've been going through :(( My kitties mean the world to me and I cannot imagine the heartache of either of them being so ill. Be sure not to blame yourself, there was no way of knowing that the food was unsafe! You were only trying to feed your little guy the best food that you could. You will be in our prayers! Hugs....Eva |:|
  • VM PetrackVM Petrack Waterford (Erie)Member Posts: 145
    edited 9 May, 2007
    Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers... they mean so very much to all of us, they really do.
  • Laura FritzLaura Fritz FraminghamMember Posts: 152
    edited 10 May, 2007
    My mama used to feed me this I was furry lucky I tested okay. but my mama been thown out of pet smart 3 times becuse she see them pushing there stuff as safe she broke down
  • VM PetrackVM Petrack Waterford (Erie)Member Posts: 145
    edited 11 May, 2007
    Little Finney has made a small, but extremely positive, improvement with his acute renal failure - something the vets told us couldn\'t happen. (Note: the vets told us Finney\'s only chance was a kidney transplant.) I searched and searched for some kind of help and found it in a British website written by an angel who\'s cat was going through the same thing. She refused to listen to her vet\'s prognosis, researched alternative remedies and found Nux Vomica, a detoxifying treatment found at some select health food stores. Her cat is miraculously almost 100% back to herself. I\'ve been corresponding with her and with her advice started Finney on this yesterday and saw some improvement last night already. I took him to a alternative/homeopathic vet this afternoon who wasn\'t surprised at all over Finney\'s improvement, he in fact said he believes Finney\'s condition is \'very treatable\' and that using Nux Vomica is the most crucial first step. My head is swirling, not just because I now have a true glimmer of hope but because I\'m in shock how two different vets could give me two such opposite prognosis\'. If you know anyone and their furbaby going through this horrifying nightmare, please let them know there is help out there.
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