Can Calicos be Male?!?!

Mattie MundyMattie Mundy PAMember Posts: 9
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Hello all Cat Loves! I need help! My friend's cat recently had 4 kittins 3 of which are calicos. But 2 of the Calicos are Male (yes we know this for sure) Can Calicos BE male? And if so are the valuable?


  • Kaitlynn TurnerKaitlynn Turner BroadwayMember Posts: 2
    edited 10 May, 2007
    yes calicos can be males i used to own one and yes they are valuble they can make very pretty babbies
  • Kimberly BrooksKimberly Brooks Member Posts: 61
    edited 12 May, 2007
    Yes its possible but Ive heard its quiet rare and they are valuble
  • Beastie_and_the_BoysBeastie_and_the_Boys Marquette, MI / ChicagoMember Posts: 17,806 ✭✭✭
    edited 12 May, 2007
    It is possible to be a calico with male parts. It's actually a genetic variance (an extra X chromosome) that gives a cat some both male and female characteristics . Calico males are almost always sterile. I'm not sure what you mean by "valuable." They're valuable in that they are rare and beautiful, but don't expect to be able to sell them for a lot of money.
  • Lis CareyLis Carey Member Posts: 5,402
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    Being a calico requires two X chromosomes, because the black color gene and the red/orange color gene both sit in the same spot on the X chromosome. Normal XY males can't be calicos, but XXY males can. They are also generally sterile; they don't make any babies, pretty or otherwise. And they're worth about the same as any other random-bred domestic cat. Which is to say, they can be loving pets, and in the right conditions they may also be good mousers. That's about it.
  • Nicole FoxNicole Fox PawsvilleMember Posts: 3,777
    edited 13 May, 2007
  • Phoebe McPhoebodyPhoebe McPhoebody Member Posts: 744
    edited 13 May, 2007 Mommy gets it. She had no idea how to answer this question hen she first saw it, because she thought Calicos and Torties were all female (XX). Now it makes sense. The infamous 'hermaphrodite.' Mommy's cat when she was a little girl was an orange tiger named Goldie. The family thought Goldie was a male and took him to be neutered. The vet said "I don't need to neuter this cat, nature did it for me." Mommy was very young, but she will never forget it because that is when she learned that big new word.
  • edited 13 May, 2007
    As you can see, yes, calicos CAN indeed be male, but it is very rare, and all the ones we've seen are females.
  • Mattie MundyMattie Mundy PAMember Posts: 9
    edited 13 May, 2007
    ok thank you all that answered my question it will help my cousin ALOT!:D:D:D
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