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FDA warning about Chinese Food Vegetable Proteins - risk to humans, especially pregnant women: Full story: warns-against-major-health-risks_20070509 FDA Warns Staff On Major Melamine Health Risks May 9th, 2007 Itchmo has learned that the FDA has issued a surveillance order for Chinese vegetable proteins including corn gluten and wheat products based on the pet food contamination on May 1. Despite repeated FDA statements saying that there is no risk to human health from contaminated pigs and chickens, the FDA surveillance order indicates otherwise. It even states: Pregnant women should not perform this assignment. FDA document quote: \"Melamine and additional related contaminants have been found in concentrations of up to 20% in analyzed samples. The MSDS for pure melamine is attached as Attachment B and includes warnings “to avoid breathing dust, avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing”. Chronic exposure may cause cancer or reproductive damage.\" Clearly, the FDA is concerned with the safety of their own staff’s exposure to melamine-tainted foods. Despite this warning, the FDA told the press and us yesterday that animals that ate tainted foods were safe for human consumption. I\'m fasting!


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    Our family is eating all natural, all organic, all homemade food when we can. Things mommy can't make (which are many, as she is a lousy cook), she gets from local retailers who use only organic, locally grown products). Still, she's a nervous wreck about all this. We have no faith in the FDA. It's up to us to do all the research and make sure our food is safe. The FDA is a sham.
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