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I'm new to this forum but I'm in need of some help. Hi. I hope you can give me a little advice. We have a 17.2 pound female Maine Coon. We don't know her exact age as she was an adult when we rescued her from an animal shelter over ten years ago. She is approximately 12-13 years of age with no health problems except her weight. Our vet says she's overweight and that we should only feed her 1/2 cup of Hill's Prescription R/D food every day (was using W/D before the recall). I feed her 1/2 cup twicer per day and have been for several weeks but she eats what I give her immediately and then begs for more. She starts meowing around 5:30 a.m. for feeding and after she's eaten all of it meows again. Her meowing is constant. She's older so I don't want her go go hungry but I don't want her having health problems due to her weight. If it helps any our vet thinks she should weigh only 10-12 pounds but with her length she would look malnourished. She's approximately 32 inches long from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail (actual tail not the fur that extends beyond). Everyone that meets her remarks about how large she is.


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    You need to take weight loss slowly. I am also on a diet but mom added some canned food into my daily ration to help me feel fuller. I would start your weight loss by thinking you should be a15# cat. Then once you reach that goal, you can further decrease calories. According to Hill's website, a 15# cat should receive between 3/4 and 1 cup of food per day, so you are receiving adequate number of calories. (that's 263 kcals...calories). The required calories for a moderately active cat of 15# is about 415kcals. Feeding the proper amount of calories is important, more important that feeding a "diet" food. Feed between 260-300 kcals a day until you reach your desired weight, then reevaluate the situation.
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