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Menu Foods Harassing Pet Owners

julie wallinjulie wallin knoxvilleMember Posts: 24,063 ✭✭
edited 30 May, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
Here is a link from Yahoo, about Menu Foods and their associates contacting and harassing people who reported what Menu Foods did to their pets. It is almost to hard to comprehend.


  • melissa muttermelissa mutter West ChesterMember Posts: 10,189
    edited 27 May, 2007
    Mac, the link doesn't work, do you have another? I would love to read that article!
  • melissa muttermelissa mutter West ChesterMember Posts: 10,189
    edited 27 May, 2007
    Ugh! I found it and it is disgusting that they are treating people who lost their family members this way! Let's see if this link will work MENU FOODS HARASSMENT
  • Jan AllenJan Allen DallasMember Posts: 2,596
    edited 27 May, 2007
    Boxie - this makes me sick sick - greed- isn't it
  • Pat BeckPat Beck Spokane/SouthhillMember Posts: 878
    edited 27 May, 2007
    The link didn\'t work for me either, but, I found the article by searching for it. It\'s disgusting, to say the least, but, this stuff happens. I remember watching 60 Minutes or 20/20, years ago. They were talking about how family members of victims of an airline crash were treated. The insurance company had investigators digging into the victims lives, to see what dirt they could come up with that might minimize their settlement. One Man was told he shouldn\'t expect a large settlement, because they had reason to believe his wife was on the verge of divorcing him, and one set of parents were told that they shouldn\'t be looking for a large settlement, because it had been learned that their son was Gay, and would probably have contracted Aids, and died young anyway. Heartless and sickening, but, it happens.
  • Teresa ConcannonTeresa Concannon Member Posts: 7,378
    edited 27 May, 2007
    Very disgusting and sickening but sadly, not surprising. What a callous and heartless way to treat people who have lost their beloved furbabies. These big corporations like Menu Foods are all about making money, first and last, and care nothing about the dogs and cats who ate their food and lost their lives. It all comes down to nothing but greed.
  • Roxann RobbinsRoxann Robbins Member Posts: 3,268
    edited 28 May, 2007
    When Menu couldn\'t cover their own butt anymore, they try to demean the kitties (and the mommies and daddies) to make themselves look better. Like blaming a rape victim because she wore shorts. Or that disgusting insurance company belittling the victims of the plane crash... If you put the shoe on the other foot, and say, someone commited a willful hit-and-run upon a Menu Foods executives child...only to shrug it off saying \"Well, she probably would\'ve been a victim of school violence or something anyway.\" I don\'t think they\'d swallow that, do you? Twisting the knife isn\'t going to help this company in the face of litigation or customer buying. Even their foods that we\'re not you think my mommy will EVER buy from them again? No matter what safeguards they put in place. Or where they get their ingredients. You can see how they really feel about their customers and consumers at large. We wouldn\'t eat Menu Foods if it was 100% safe and FREE! *hisss* ~Jet Giotto~
  • Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
    edited 28 May, 2007
    What's sick is how many of their test animals were killed to prove a point. They forced them to eat this garbage when they knew pets were dying. They need to be put out of business, and proscecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Sick humans run that company. We will never buy anything they make ever. Mom had some of the recalled food that she had bought for me and my feral friends. None of us would eat it, and when it was still in the dish the next morning - she thought it was very strange. The racoons wouldn't touch it either. When the recall came out she realised that somehow we all knew it was poison. A pox to menu foods.
  • Elizabeth ClarkeElizabeth Clarke BerkeleyMember Posts: 1,818 ✭✭
    edited 28 May, 2007
    How disgusting! I will never eat anything by Menu foods, EVER!!!!!!!! What a bunch of scumbags! Mom hopes that some precedent-setting decisions come out of this, holding that our human moms and dads have the right to sue for stuff like emotional distress in this type of situation. Menu, you are going DOWN!!!! *puffs tail in righteous indignation*
  • Camille KnutsonCamille Knutson Member Posts: 100
    edited 29 May, 2007
    Jubilee, I\'m right there with you with my tail puffed up! When Mommy was trying to pick a good kitten food for our new baby (I\'m still not happy about him being in my space but I\'m less angry now than when he showed up last weekend!) a Nutro food rep tried to give her a lot of coupons for a lot of money off of his product...she said NO WAY because there was too much of their stuff on the recall list. We won\'t eat their stuff either...uck,yuck,blech! This is awful behavior but not out of character for a big business under this type of thing...remember Erin Broccoli-vich and how that company poisoned all those people? Really this is no different but the people in this case are small, furry and have four\'s disgusting behavior and nobody should stand for it...I say we form a strong line of puffed tails to show how we feel!
  • L TL T New YorkMember Posts: 2,000
    edited 29 May, 2007
    ugh, my tail to is puffed and claws ready to defend all the lil furbabies who were hurt by this monster called GREED!!!
  • FridayFriday PlumasMember Posts: 1,552 ✭✭✭
    edited 29 May, 2007
    It is just terrible and desgusting! All of this should be aired on CNN! Get lawyers involved on grounds of harrassment! Menowmy will nvwer buy anything but Purina products ever again! We really like the Whiskas dry she buys now, too! Buddy, Friday and Bijou
  • Roxann RobbinsRoxann Robbins Member Posts: 3,268
    edited 29 May, 2007
    I hereby POOP in the expensive shoe of Menu Foods CEO. ~Jet Giotto~
  • Michelle MachenMichelle Machen McAllenMember Posts: 256
    edited 30 May, 2007
    Boycott Menu Foods and all that they produce. Show them that consumers aren't just blind spenders. We care about our pets enough to have a voice for them that cannot speak for themselves. And all those innocent animals used in the testing to prove the poison in the food. How pathetic. What heartless beings would perform such acts?!?! :(( Menu foods disgusts me and anyone who would try to convince me other wise would fall under the same category. A company in this situation has no defense. Shadow
  • Toni TurcotteToni Turcotte AustinMember Posts: 593
    edited 30 May, 2007
    How horrible... Mama and Daddy have furriends who lost their puppy dog to this. They have been so terribly upset by all of this. It would just be so much worse to be harassed by these evil people while you're in mourning...
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