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home cooked diets

Erika DavisErika Davis TallahasseeMember Posts: 213
edited 1 June, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
Does anyone else here feed their kitties a home cooked diet? I have been with the dogs but am scared with the cats because one of them has FUS. I also worry about the protein and taurine levels being enough. Plus all five are picky. Sardines are a good food with omega 3's and soft digestable bone. I gave Cosette a whole can because she saved the house from being flooded last week by waking me up. she didn't touch them. I gave my other 4 a can in their feeder and it took them a whole day to finish them off, they ate the dry food around the sardines. Overall, they seem to like cheese and dairy products, peanut butter and veggie bacon (odd, but they actually beg for it when I have it). I don't think those three things would add up to good diet for them. anyone had good results with a particular recipe?


  • Heather CarusoHeather Caruso Member Posts: 2
    edited 15 May, 2007
    I\'ve tried home cooking for my girls, but they turn their noses up at everything I\'ve tried. There is a really good book called Food Pets Die for by Ann Martin which talks a lot about home made diets for pets (it\'s not specific to just cats but does have a lot of useful info for our kitties). Some of the cookbooks I\'ve used are Pamper Your Cat cookbook, The Cat Lovers Cookbook and the Kitty Cat Cookbook. Good recipies but my girls won\'t eat any fish products or anything ground up. I\'ve tried making chicken patties and broth based entrees for them and they just won\'t eat it! Keegan even tries to \'bury\' the food and has gone so far as to pull a paper towel off the kitchen counter and cover her dish with it. I\'m really struggling with this! Hope you have better luck that I did!
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 16 May, 2007
    See the Catster Home Cooking forum for recipies and suggestions. Dairy products, peanut butter and veggie bacon are not healthy and are not a good diet. It is very important to make a diet that has all the necessary ingredients.
  • Erika DavisErika Davis TallahasseeMember Posts: 213
    edited 26 May, 2007
    I know just the 3 things mentioned are not a good diet. That in itself will not feed kitties. But they're UNHEALTHY ? Why? and could you please explain why each thing is unhealthy ? The dairy products, maybe some, but some are recommended by our vet. I thought peanut butter was good? The veggie bacon.. we did not say what brand, what was in it, or anything other than veggie bacon so how do you know its unhealthy if I haven't even told you what it is???
  • Camille KnutsonCamille Knutson Member Posts: 100
    edited 1 June, 2007
    what might be ok for people sometimes isn't so good for pets...if your cat likes peanut butter I'd reserve it for a snack and in small quantities. Same with milk - Miss Kitty gets maybe a tablespoon and it's either skim or fat free half and half (she's a little round and on a diet) - I don't give my babies a ton of tuna (water packed only) and I highly doubt that they'd eat sardines a fresh fishy not from a can would be a different story. Bacon...ehhhhh...whether real or pseudo-bacon I'd keep that as a small quantity snack too. I don't think veggie bacon is as bad as real bacon but I'd just keep it as a treatsie for when they're being perfect little angels (if yours are like mine that's every day, I know, but I think that packaged people food should seriously be kept in moderation - stuff like fresh chicken or beef is ok but if it's mixed with Hamburger Helper I would NOT feed that to my cat as a regular meal - I know you're not feeding them Hamburger Helper but I'm using it as an example)- Tex liked the Oscar Mayer bacon bits - they're real bacon pieces but were loaded with preservatives and so forth so he got that on a rare occassion even though he knew that the salad bowls on the dinner table held a wealth of good tasting yum-yums - he liked the taste of ceasar and ranch dressings too - we use light so giving him a little lick every now and then was ok. I would look at the health forums and the home cooking forum on the boards here...there are a lot of healthy suggestions. Also do a Google Search on cat food recipes or making your own cat food - there's a lot of info out there for you! Good luck!
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