Bite, bite, bite!

D GarmanD Garman RichmondMember Posts: 745
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Hello! I'm about 7 or 8 weeks old and I have just discovered my vicious teeth. I love to bite now. When someone picks me up while playing, I bite them. When someone walks past me, I jump out and bite them. When I'm sleepy and getting loved on, I like to bite. Mom is trying to adopt me out and she keeps begging me not to bite the people that come to see me but ... I bite them. What can mom do to discourage this biting? Or should she just allow me to continue mauling everyone and everything in my path until I out-grow this? She sure doesn't want me growing up this vicious. I'm a terrible claw-er, too, but she says she's going to fix my wagon by having my nails cut. I have no idea what that means but I think I'm going to bite her!


  • Leo ShadowLeo Shadow Member Posts: 53
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    When kittens play we love to \'bite\' each other. It is sooo much fun!! When I used to bite my mommy she would say NO! and then put me down and not play with me any more. I eventually got the message and didn\'t like being ignored, so stopped biting her. Now I only bite Shadow when we play. Whatever you do don\'t use your hands or feet to play. It is only normal that we will want to bite them. You need to provide acceptable items to bite and scratch.
  • D GarmanD Garman RichmondMember Posts: 745
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    You have an excellent point, Leo. It really is Mommy's fault cause when I was smaller (2 weeks ago) she used to dangle her fingers in front of me and laugh when I attacked her. Not as cute now that I have longer claws and more muscle behind the sharp little teeth. I just hope I can learn to control myself. I really DO want to find my forever home. Despite my bad behavior. :r What are good things for kittens to chew and bite on? I have some toys but none I want to bite as much as Mommy!
  • Camille KnutsonCamille Knutson Member Posts: 100
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    Hi Noah - when I bite at my Mommy's hands she gently pushes like she's pushing me away (because if she pulled her hand away I'd chase it like the toy it is and bite it some more!) and shoves a little chamois mouse toy or one of my glitter balls in the place where her hand was while she tells me took me a few times to figure out what she was doing and what she meant but I get it now.
  • Sarah ManolisSarah Manolis San FranciscoMember Posts: 148
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    I have a 12 week old boy Jack and I am going through the biting craze. A strong NO and removing him from you is a good route. If that doesn't work and he continues (believe me, they are HARD-HEADED), give him another NO! and remove him again. Each time I remove him, I replace my hand with a toy, to let him know that the TOY is okay and my fingers are not. If he attacks again, I always place Jack in the bathroom with the lights out. He will yowl, but I let him. That means he is unhappy being away from me and will eventually learn to associate biting with isolation time. I also have a squirt bottle that I will occassionally use, though I like to reserve that for him clawing on furniture, chewing on cords, and jumping on tables and counters in the kitchen. I don't like him to associate interacting with me (like when we play) with the spray bottle, though sometimes, nothing calms him down faster. Just be consistent and patient. Toys that Jack has loved and will make him turn from any dangling fingers or toes are straws, a terrycloth belt from an old robe, any paper bag, and empty plastic water bottles (with the ring, cap, and wrapper removed). There are also little toys, but sometimes, the makeshift goodies are the best. By the way, I know that once the kitten gets hyped up, he will constantly bite bite bite! But if you get him calmed down and go to pet him and he does not bite, reward him. Let him know the difference in how he should treat hands and feet. I've been really working with Jack for about 2 weeks now, and I'm really noticing a difference. He responds 7 times out of 10 to the first NO. And I wouldn't be discouraged about his biting habits to be a detriment to his adoption. True, you don't want him biting and you don't want to encourage it, but any true cat lover knows the occassional bites and scratches come along with the kitten package. He's also 6 weeks, which is halfway to adoption age. If you start now, he'll be a very different kitten in a month or so! sarah & jack
  • D GarmanD Garman RichmondMember Posts: 745
    edited 1 June, 2007
    Sarah & Jack, Thanks so much for your response! We starting working to discourage biting after we posted and I'm happy to say the TINIEST bit of progress has been made. Now we just have to tie him down and trim those claws some. Thanks for your input. The little scamp has actually turned his love of biting (for the moment) on a little dog toy he's stolen from his foster sisters. I see a light at the end of this kitten tunnel! :)
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