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Please help...parasites

Grace McLeanGrace McLean Member Posts: 406
edited 4 June, 2007 in Cat Health
Catsy's mom here: Quick background...Catsy was rescued by us 7 weeks ago and has been struggling with a number of medical issues. On Friday she saw the vet and they took blood, urine and stool samples. The urine showed some compromised kidney function. This morning when I went into Catsy's room, I saw that she a severe episode of vomitting overnight. She vomitted a lot of reddish brown liquid and also some white froth. I called the vet to ask if the vomitting could be from the vaccines she got on Friday. They said it was unlikely to be from the vaccinces. They said her stool tested positive for three parasites: -roundworm -capillaria aerophila (lungworm) -pearsonema plice (parasite that affects bladder) They claim these are all treatable and might explain her kidney issues, but I am very worried. Yesterday she started sneezing a lot and I am worried she is really sick. She had a stool sample tested at another facility when my doctors were on vacation and they said she was negative for parasites. Now she has three! I am terrified that my other cats will get sick too, although they rarely have any contact. There have been one or two instances of one of them using the other's litterbox, but that is it. They do not share food dishes. I guess I am just freaking out that Catsy has all these things, and her blood work is not even back yet! Did this ever happen to any of you other cats? I am mortified that she has three parasites and has been suffering with them all this time. Why bother paying for tests if they can't provide accurate results? What causes kitties to sneeze? Any words of comfort or encouragement are appreciated. Thank you.


  • Marta GasperMarta Gasper FairburyMember Posts: 636
    edited 4 June, 2007
    Sometimes nothing will show up in a fecal exam and they could be infected; Meowmy doesn't trust much stool samples. If she has lungworm she'll definetly sneeze and all her other issues would be related to her parasites..purring you have her bloodwoek soon and that she'll do well after treatment
  • Sandy BonvouloirSandy Bonvouloir MonktonMember Posts: 129
    edited 4 June, 2007
    Oh Catsy, you sure have had a rough time! |:| You have a wonderful family now that cares and looks after you. I think, (although I am certainly no expert) that parasites are passed mostly through the litter box. If your family worried about the other kitties, they can bring in stool samples for you all to be checked. My family has been, and will continue to be purring for you! Please let us know how you do, ok? It is wonderful that you are gaining weight!!!
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 4 June, 2007
    First, let me say how sorry I am that you are going through these medical issues. I am shocked that your blood test results are not back yet. it typically takes 24 hours for test results, except when specialized tests are being run. If they were run on Sat, then you should definitely see results today. Fecal exams are not 100% accurate. The main reason for this is you need to actually examine a part of the stool that has an egg in it. If you happen to get a piece that has no eggs or if the animal isn't heavily infested then you will get a negative result. Since eggs were found on a subsequent exam, then you need to believe the positive results. Ringworm is not found in the stool, as it is a fungal infection of the skin. Perhaps you misheard and they actually said roundworm. I am mot familiar withe the urinary nemotode, but lungworm and roundworms can both be treated. The cough/vomiting and potentially the sneezing could be related form the lungworm. Upper respiratory infections can also cause sneezing. here are some links for you.
  • Grace McLeanGrace McLean Member Posts: 406
    edited 4 June, 2007
    Thank you, Hunter. It is roundworm. You are right and I just typed the wrong thing. They drew the blood on Friday but missed the Fedex man so it won't even go out until today (Monday) and results will be back tomorrow. It just seems overwhelming for Catsy to have so many things wrong with her. Taken alone, these things are not that serious, but it seems like she is diagnosed with new problems every day. I just want her to be happy for the rest of her time on Earth.
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