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So an all canned diet b/c I\'m fat! much?

Jana PhillipsJana Phillips RaleighMember Posts: 846
edited 5 June, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
So since no dry diet has worked for me, I have no choice but to switch Tigger to an all-canned diet. But the question is, how much should I feed him to lose weight? If I went by recommendations on the back, I would be spending a fortune to feed him like 2 1/2 cans a day :-#:-# Sooo, my question much do ppl usually feed for a fat cat to lose weight? I don't know how much he weighs exactly, but he has a small frame and feels like he's heavier than his 9.5lb dog-brother. Help! btw--We were thinking of going with the Meow-mix plastic-container things (the market selects).


  • Karyn LehmannKaryn Lehmann redlandsMember Posts: 247
    edited 23 May, 2007
    go with Merrick low glycemic varieties. They will stimulate fat burning ! really!! no chemicals, by-products or unnecessary fillers. just yum.
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 24 May, 2007
    The general rule is to eat 20 calories per pound of ideal body weight. Be careful not to drastically reduce your calorie intake. Doing so may cause serious health problems. Here is a chart where you can find out the calorie content of many brands of canned food: A better quality food than Meow Mix will help you lose the weight and improve your fur coat and even your health. Better quality ingredients like real meats are much better for us than by-products and icky filler ingredients.
  • Phoebe McPhoebodyPhoebe McPhoebody Member Posts: 744
    edited 24 May, 2007
    I'm confused! It says you only weigh 8 pounds! That is not too heavy. Anyway, generally figure an ounce per pound that you want the cat to if the ideal weight is 9 pounds, then it would be 9 ounces. That's 3 cans of Fancy Feast or about a can and a half of Friskies.
  • Jana PhillipsJana Phillips RaleighMember Posts: 846
    edited 26 May, 2007
    Pheobe---that was 8lbs when my owner first got me :)) I am probably around 12 lbs now :-# Merlin--I am very well-versed on nutrition...but the meow mix market selects do not contain any by-products or fillers. I also forgot to mention that I am addicted to dry food and hate the wet food mush--I will only eat chunky-style foods (so with all the recalls meow mix and a few others are the only chunky foods w/ no glutens)
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 30 May, 2007
    Tigger. you need to determine how much you should weigh first. You will then need to feed the proper number of calories. If you are supposed to weight 10#(4,5 kg) then you should get about 70 kcals/kg. In other words, this is about 300 kcal/day. I also am a dry food lover and mom decide that I would get one can of food per day and then I'd get the rest of my calories from dry. Mom has noticed an improvement in my attitude, energy, and my weight. If you can't afford an all canned diet, then supplement what you can. Initially I scarfed down my food and meowed for more. Now, after 2 months on a diet, I actually leave some of my food behind,
  • Camille KnutsonCamille Knutson Member Posts: 100
    edited 30 May, 2007
    Hmmmmm...I wonder if this type of diet would work for meeeeeeee...Mommy says I\'m a little chubby and they have tried every dry diet available...but I don\'t like the wet stuff so much...I love my crunchy there more information on this that we can read about? I so want to be able to jump back onto my stand without the assistance of Mommy or Daddy putting a chair up for me to\'s embarrassing!
  • Camille KnutsonCamille Knutson Member Posts: 100
    edited 30 May, 2007
    Ok - this is Miss Kitty\'s Mommy - I went to Petco (where the pet\'s go) at lunch and got some different types of wet food after reading this post. I\'ve been encouraged to try a wet food \'diet\' on our Miss Kitty and Shmeek after reading that their dry food may be partly to blame for their weight gain and the reasons behind WHY the diets with dry food don\'t work...and we\'ve tried them all trying to slim Fat Jam I-Am down a bit...she loses some and then gains a lot. Shmeek is chubbing up a bit too (she just wears it well under her long and luxurious black fur). Both of these gals are older - about 13 years old - but both have gotten the squeaky clean bill of health from our vet - Dr. Gary. So - is there anything that I can do to make this transition any easier for them. I don\'t see Shmeek having too much of a problem getting the most out of this since she\'d roll over and give her belly to anyone carrying a can of Fancy Feast - loves the stuff...but Miss Kitty turns her nose up at it and won\'t eat it. I got some Science Diet and some Iams food to try in addition to the Fancy Feast in the usual variety of flavors. But I noticed that the Iams brand has a lot of calories according to the chart from the link higher up in this posting...even cutting the 5.5 oz. can in half calorie wise - it\'s still up there! Soooooo...what is the best way to ease a cranky chubby little girl into eating something that she doesn\'t really go for to begin with ... Mommy and Daddy are serious about this now! She\'s got to lose some weight but I don\'t want to make my little girl sick! Next question...has Iams or Science Diet wet cat foods been on the recall lists? Any input is GREATLY appreciated as I want to have my babies with me as long as I can humanly master...thank you thank you thank you in advance everyone!
  • Amber GonzlaezAmber Gonzlaez San AntonioMember Posts: 9,175
    edited 4 June, 2007
    Hi Tigger, I was 16lbs on the allotted portion of weight control kibble. Then mama and daddy put me on SD Light Canned...I still didn't loose any weight. It wasn't until they put me on raw that I started getting energy to get up and run around and excerise, and shed some of the much needed lbs!! It's amazing the transformation my body has made and how much I act like a young kittin again.... And did I mention the BEST PART!! I can reach to clean my own bum again!!! You can see the before and after pictures on my page (pic 2, 3, 4!) Purrs, Kali
  • Phoebe McPhoebodyPhoebe McPhoebody Member Posts: 744
    edited 4 June, 2007
    Hunter, Mommy says I am eating less now, too. There are even nights when she goes to bed and I still have a little bit of my third of a cup of dry from the morning left. I eat my wet breakfast pretty much by lunchtime, but sometimes don't go back for more if she gives me extra for the afternoon. And at dinner, I am still so busy watching the birds that I forget that I'm supposed to be hungry. Mommy wonders if it is the warmer weather making me less hungry. Whatever it is, she wishes it would rub off on her...
  • Phoebe McPhoebodyPhoebe McPhoebody Member Posts: 744
    edited 4 June, 2007
    Miss Kitty, I know that none of the Purina products (includes Fancy Feast and Friskies) have been recalled...I am not sure about the others...but I know that there are links to find all the recalled food. Try different textures. Maybe she will eat chunky or filets if she won't eat ground. I don't like ground either...Mommy has tried a lot of different things that I turn my nose up at, but, in general, I like the Friskies Prime Filets. I won't eat regular Fancy Feast...but I LOVE the new Marinated Florentine Medleys...unfortunately, Mommy says they cost too much for every day...I do get some on special occasions.
  • jess whitejess white Member Posts: 12
    edited 5 June, 2007
    My brother was a little \"chubby\" when he came to live here in January. My mom put us on a diet of Felidae dry(fed freely) and a few tablespoons of Wellness wet(mom buys a variety because we love them all), anyhow, my brother lost 4 pounds since January and is looking great! I have not lost any because i am at a perfect weight(7lbs) and my other sisters have never had weight problems. Also wanted to mention we are not given treats(we wont eat them,mom tried to no avail) or tablefood(a definate no-no in our house),only our cat food.Mom leaves it out(the dry) all day for us, we get the canned first thing in the morning(only a few tablespoons though or we will get diarrea). it has worked out well for us. Ok i will stop blabbing now, just wanted to give you some insight on what has worked for us. I hope you find something that works! Your friend, Matilda-Lou
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