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Mommy\'s getting worried...

Camille KnutsonCamille Knutson Member Posts: 100
edited 6 June, 2007 in Cat Health
I don't know what she's talking I'm a few pounds too what! So I sometimes throw my food up because I eat way too fast...Mommy always refills my bowl with some more shnibbles so I'm not what! The problem is that she says that now when she gives me shoulder rubbies (she calls it Kitty Shiatsu) she says that I shrink and hunker down like it hurts when she touches me...and I let her know because I look at her and get growlie and owlie...maybe I don't WANT her to give me shoulder rubbies...but what if there is something wrong with me that makes me get all growlie and owlie with her when she gives me the rubbies that I like so much...I am a bit overweight...and I have been barfing more than it just the stress of the new baby?? Has anyone else had this problem?? Do I have to go see Dr. Gary again??


  • jess whitejess white Member Posts: 12
    edited 5 June, 2007
    Hi Connie, Sorry to hear about your frustrations, i can totally relate. Sometimes when i want to be left alone and want some \"me\" time and mommy tries to touch me i will growl at her. :-O She will not let up, she will hold me and love on me anyway, so i usually have to claw my way out of her hugs lol. Anyhow, if you are not feeling well maybe a trip to your fur-doctor is in order. I know i get pretty moody when i\'m not feeling well. Maybe you have a boo-boo your mommy cant see :( It\'s always best to make sure. As far as weight is concerned, do you eat treats or food other than cat food? If so maybe you could just eat a high quality cat food like my brother did to loose weight. We eat Felidae Dry,(it is very reasonably priced) for a 20lb bag. We also get 2 tablespoons of Wellness wet(mom buys us a variety of flavors) . We are not given treats and table food is a no-no in our house. This keeps us fit and trim. You probably already know this but i dont recommend any foods you can but at the grocery store, we go with foods you have to buy at pet stores (although mom buys all our food at Agway,a farm and garden store that carries pet food and supplies) Are you fed freely? Maybe this would help you,it helped my brother. i think he thought he was starving before he came to live here because he was fed only certain times of the day. Some kitties,like us can\'t handle that,it\'s like torture,we want our food when we want it! I think that was how he became over weight,because he thought he was starving by the time dinner rolled around. He has lost 4lbs since he came here and looks great now. I really hope you are feeling better soon, Take care special fur-friend!! |bb| Love, Matilda Lou
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 6 June, 2007
    First, do not let your mom refill your bowl. You need to learn to slow down while you are eating. Adding a ping pong ball to the food dish, or feeding you on a plate or cookie sheet will force you to eat more slowly. You may even be able to talk her into feeding you some canned food. It helps you feel fuller and has lots more moisture in it. I am doing great on my canned food diet. Since you are acting painful, I would say you should probably go into the vet. It's difficult to say what may be causing you to act this way, but a once over form the vet should give your mom some answers.
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