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A Close Call!

Heather BellamyHeather Bellamy Perry / StatesboroMember Posts: 5,506
edited 23 June, 2007 in Plus Friendly
Meows, kitties! Something horrible happened yesterday (well Mom says it could have been much worse but I think it's horrible). A man broke into our apartment while Mom was away at class! We live alone with Mom, and she doesn't really know too many people here, so it came as a total shock when she got home and saw the living room window wide open! Her first thought was of me and Sindri. I was sitting in the computer chair but Sindri was nowhere to be found! Mom looked for him everywhere and she just couldn't find him! So she ran outside and frantically screamed his name over and over (and I think she yelled NO NO NO NO NO) too. She was completely panicked and about to have a nervous breakdown. Sindri and I are her babies! She can't lose us! Especially not because some idiot broke in and decided to leave the window open! So after a few minutes, Mom came back inside and decided to search the apartment for Sindri again. You see, he's a formerly feral kitty so he's horrified of any and all strangers and loud noises. Mom looked for him and thank Cat she found him under the bed. Then, after she realized both of her furbabies were OK, she looked around to see what was missing. The only thing gone was Mom's rainy day spare change jug. It had about 80 dollars in it that she was going to use to pay for the rescue fees for the two feral kittens we trapped last weekend. When Mom saw that nothing else was missing, she called the cops and they came right out... about 5 of them! And a detective! The detective said I am a very handsome Boo and that he has a kitty that looks a lot like me! He was shocked to find out I am almost 14 years old. He thinks I look much younger than that; what a compliment! Anyway, Mom had suspicions that it was her neighbor who broke in, and it turns out she was right. He's in jail now because on top of this new burglary charge, he was already wanted for a probation violation. The thing is, Mom was trying to be nice to him because he just seemed like a nice guy who was down on his luck. He told Mom about all these medical conditions that he has. Or said he had. It turns out all that was a lie. He has a few things wrong with him, but nothing major (not the prostate cancer, renal failure, and severe back problems he told Mom he had). Mom even gave him ten dollars yesterday before she went to class. I guess that wasn't enough for him, MOL! And the day before yesterday, Mom drove to a nearby town, Brooklet, to pick him up from a doctor's appointment. She had done nothing but nice things for him and this is how he repays her... by stealing her money, and more importantly, jeopardizing mine and Sindri's lives. Mom didn't care about the money; it can be replaced but Sindri and I cannot. Sindri had to endure so much lovin' from Mommy last night; it was ridiculous! She'd thought he was gone forever, but when he finally came out of hiding after Mom got back home from the police station, she held him and hugged him and kissed him forever! Me too, but not nearly as much as Sindri, thank goodness. Anyway, the neighbor had Mom's coin jug in his apartment along with all the change that wasn't quarters (he'd cashed those in). So Mom got most of her money back and the detective said she would get the rest of it sometime. And for the first time ever, Mom is so happy that Sindri is a formerly feral kitty who is terrified of strangers and loud noises. Why? Because she's certain that if he didn't have those fears, due to his extreme curiosity, he would've gone out the window (especially because the one that was broken into was the one where our window seat is). Just wanted to share that story; it isn't every day that something like that happens (thank cat)! And to think that this scumbag actually petted me before. Grrrr. I should have bit him.


  • Heather BellamyHeather Bellamy Perry / StatesboroMember Posts: 5,506
    edited 13 June, 2007
    Yep, I'm OK and Mom just won't leave me alone! I'm not a cuddly cat, but she just doesn't seem to get that point. I wish she'd stop picking me up and hugging me!
  • Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon PortlandMember Posts: 5,607
    edited 13 June, 2007
    Sindri and Boo. I can't believe someone would do that to you and your mom after you were so nice to him. I am just glad to hear that all of you and your mom are alright. I am so happy the police caught him and put him in jail where he belongs. Your mom is so nice to reach out to a stranger. Purrrrrrrs for all of you.|:|
  • Heather BellamyHeather Bellamy Perry / StatesboroMember Posts: 5,506
    edited 13 June, 2007
    Thanks Diego; you're so sweet! Mom's just glad she got enough of the change back that she can still pay for the rescue fees for the two feral kittens. And she's glad that we kitties are OK. It was a big relief that the bad man was caught last night and we don't have to worry about him anymore!
  • Joanne LeeJoanne Lee LiverpoolMember Posts: 1,565
    edited 13 June, 2007
    |:||:||:||:| Oh LB what awful News!! but we are sooo hapy that you Sindri and Mum are ok Sending purrrs to you all love me and Bob and mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Monique ReeceMonique Reece CoronaMember Posts: 775
    edited 13 June, 2007
    Wow, that is a close call!!! We're glad that nothing serious happened! And we're super psyched that that :-# is going back to jail! =D> Oh, and LB, my mama says that your mama seems sooo sweet. Maybe a little too sweet. My mama, who's not so sweet, told me to tell your mama to save her money for the kitties and not to waste it on :-#:-#:-# people who lie and steal from kind-hearted mamas like yours.
  • Jan AllenJan Allen DallasMember Posts: 2,596
    edited 13 June, 2007
    OH MY - thank goodness everyone is ok and the bad man is in jail. You cannot be too careful anymore. Stay safe purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • Heather BellamyHeather Bellamy Perry / StatesboroMember Posts: 5,506
    edited 13 June, 2007
    Muchas gracias, Kitties! Many thanks! And Munky, you're absolutely right about my Mom. She has a real problem saying no to people who seem like they are in desperate need. She really needs to work on that! Purrs, Lucky Boo (& Sindri too)
  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
    edited 14 June, 2007
    Oh Lucky Boo, I am so glad you're all okay. That's the most important thing. My mommy used to be like your mommy, too. She would let friends of friends of friends live in her apt until they could get on their feet, find them jobs, even give them money. Finally, she got taken to the cleaners and realized she was too trusting and too nurturing for her own good. Actually, she frequently wants to have your mommy over for dinner so she'll know she's eating well (mommy put herself through college and grad school so she knows about being a poor college student!). We're too far away, though. Tell your mommy to be careful and to take care of herself. She's got to be there for you and Sindri for many, many years. Meanwhile, Matilda and I are purring up a storm for you, Sindri and your mommy.
  • Heather BellamyHeather Bellamy Perry / StatesboroMember Posts: 5,506
    edited 15 June, 2007
    Aww, thanks Binks & Matilda. That's so sweet; you have a kind Mommy. We are going to try to find a different place to live because ever since the break-in, Mommy has been scared to be here, especially at night. Tomorrow David is probably going to get bailed out of jail by his mother, and she is also supposed to come here to collect his things. Mommy is going to try to find somewhere to go tomorrow because she is afraid that David will be bailed out first so he can come here and help his mom get his stuff, even though he's not allowed here. He doesn't seem to be the kind of person who follows rules, MOL! I think Mom is going to drive around town and see if she sees any decent places for rent today. Hopefully we'll be able to find a good place, and thankfully our lease is already up and we didn't sign a new one.
  • Donna MuraniDonna Murani BronxvilleMember Posts: 2,658 ✭✭
    edited 15 June, 2007
    Wow LB - you guys are so lucky - and your Meowmy sounds like a really sweet person - I\'m sorry this all happened to you. I\'m sure it was a heck of a scare! I\'m glad everyone is doing well and our purrs and well wishes go to you and your Meowmy! :^: Love, Baby-G and Little-One
  • Maria BrennanMaria Brennan Salt Lake CityMember Posts: 437
    edited 15 June, 2007
    W e are so glad that everyone is ok. That is just downright scarey! It is so sad that there are people like that uncaring, selfish, thieving neighbor of yours that take advantage of truely kind and caring people like your mom. Your mom sounds like a purrfectly wonderful lady. We need more people like her in this scarey world. |:| to you, Sindri and your mom
  • Heather BellamyHeather Bellamy Perry / StatesboroMember Posts: 5,506
    edited 16 June, 2007
    Thanks Baby-G and Kitiara! You kitties are so sweet and I'm sure your pawrents are really great too! Mom is starting to feel a little more comfortable here. Maybe we will put off moving for a little while, at least until next month when she finds out if she's getting financial aid or not for her last semester in college. That will play a huge part in whether or not we can move (most places around here have much higher rent than where we are now). But supposedly today, the guy's mom came and collected his things from his apartment. Mom was gone all day (she went to Savannah to visit her old roommate and had a blast) but we're hoping the lady came and got her son's stuff... and that if she bailed him out of jail, she took him away with her! :))
  • CalvinCalvin ScottsdaleMember Posts: 8,818 ✭✭✭
    edited 16 June, 2007
    Wowza - that is some story Lucky Boo! I'm sure glad you and Sindri are okay! And also glad your Mommy is okay and that she'll get her money back! =D>

    The Cats in the Clover
    Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky, Sugar, Vivien, Newman, & Inky

  • Donna LenzDonna Lenz BethelMember Posts: 4,600 ✭✭✭
    edited 17 June, 2007
    WOW! We are so glad you are both OK! Some humans are awful aren't they? We hope that man meets Bubba in jail and gets a good whopping! Mom may want to talk to the Detectives again and ask what she can do to make the apartment more secure. You brought back memorys for Mom. When she lived alone, the apartment downstairs was broken into. It was another girl her age - they were both 19 at the time. She ended up taking Mom's kitty Nikki for a few days, and Mom brought over Shadow - her sister's German Shephard. Mom and Shadow would go out at night and make sure all was ok. They also made the landlord make changes including better lighting and window screens so the place was more secure. Head Butts and Purrs Jess
  • Karin PruessnerKarin Pruessner DurbanMember Posts: 2,110
    edited 17 June, 2007
    WOW! Almost the same thing happened to us about 2-3 weeks ago! The worst thing mommy could ever think of was that someone would break in, leave a window or the door open and we would run out! And it happened, at night, and we were all home! Of course mommy is a good sleeper and didn't even notice, but WE did. Mommy was just as frantic as your mommy was to find us in the morning. And luckily we had been smart and had stayed inside! Well, _I_ hurt my paw in defense of my mommy, but other than that we are okay. Some stuff was stolen, but nothing major and just like your mom, my mom is just glad we are all safe! Yup, got the ridiculous cuddle attacks as well. Also, we are not allowed downstairs any more and get locked up upstairs when mommy leaves the house. *frown*
  • Heather BellamyHeather Bellamy Perry / StatesboroMember Posts: 5,506
    edited 18 June, 2007
    Thanks Calvin, Jess, and Punky! Punky, that's so scary that the same thing happened to you! Things like that should not happen to anyone. I'm glad you are OK too. Purrs, Lucky Boo
    edited 19 June, 2007
    Oh, Lucky Boo and Sindri...we just read your story and are so glad you are both ok and that your mom has both of you to protect her. What's wrong with people? You'd never hear of a cat doing those terrible things!! Sindri, give your mom some extra attention even though it's hard - she needs it for a while longer. LB, I'm glad your stroller wasn't taken. See you out there on the stroller road soon, I hope. Purrrs, Kila and family
  • Kim WashburnKim Washburn LouisvilleMember Posts: 1,057
    edited 20 June, 2007
    Wow. How scary. My mommy has a friend that got in a fight with her boyfriend and when he left, he left the door open by accident because it didn't shut right. She was in her room and had fallen asleep and didn't know until the next morning. So she and her doggie and two cats were totally vulnerable all night long! Luckily, the next morning her doggie was still home, but both the kitties had escaped . She found one two days later, but never did find her other one. She looked everywhere and some of mommy's friends helped too. They knocked on every door, placed ads, and did every single thing possible, but her kitty is gone. It's been months, and she's still upset. Thank goodness you were both still in the house and no one was hurt. Hopefully, the bad man who robbed your mommy will never bother you again. Purrs that you are safe, Jack and family
  • melissa muttermelissa mutter West ChesterMember Posts: 10,189
    edited 21 June, 2007
    Oh Lucky Boo we are sooooo glad you, Sindri and Mommy are okay!
  • P IngramP Ingram EaganMember Posts: 7,400
    edited 21 June, 2007
    Sindri has your mommy stopped kissing on you yet? If so let me know how you got her to relax ok. As some of you know I went on a little vacation a couple weeks ago, I went sky diving and then sight seeing in our neighborhood, it was a great trip. But I forgot to tell mommy I was going and when I would be back *giggle*. She thought I was gone for good (and so did lots of my friends) and since I came back she is all huggy and kissy and touchy and wants to pet me ALLLLL the time. Now I know I am irresistable but cuddlying this much is not good. I love my mommy but I love sleep too and she keeps waking me to cuddle me. How do I let her know its all good and she doesnt have to cuddle me all the time
  • Renee WatsonRenee Watson Member Posts: 563 ✭✭
    edited 22 June, 2007
    Holy Catfish LB!! *eyes wide* We are so happy you, your mama and Sindri are safe. How frightening for you all. We have to say that we are with Munky all the way...your mama sounds like an amazing human being with a big soft heart....but please tell mama to be careful who she lends a hand to. Our mama puts bad people in prison for a living. She\'s here to tell ya that there are far more rotten people in the world than any of us would care to imagine, and they love to take advantage of those of us with big hearts. She says it is a much better, and safer idea to give you heart (and money) to cats! :)) Purrs-n-cheekrubs to you and your mommy, Luv, Pedro and the crew
  • Pat BeckPat Beck Spokane/SouthhillMember Posts: 878
    edited 23 June, 2007
    All we can say is THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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