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Wierd sneezing going on

mary hoffmanmary hoffman Milford CenterMember Posts: 62
edited 18 June, 2007 in Cat Health
Bandit, today started to do something strange. He was making wierd noises, not like he was having a hairball though, like spit slying alittle bit from mouth, maybe like sneezing kind of noise. basically sounds like something stuck up his nose or something like that. Not sure if it was a siezure, but if it were to be one then he was aware of it. I'm not sure what is going on and am asking for your help and opinions on what it might be. He acted like he was going to vomit the last time he didi it and nothing came out and he stopped doing it ever since. it's been about 10 minutes agi from last speel. I don't know if he is growing something up his nose, got something little caught up his nose or if it is some sort of allergy thing going on. Help is appreciated!! TY!!


  • Vanessa BobackVanessa Boback TampaMember Posts: 3,149
    edited 15 June, 2007
    Hello, Rasha caught a cold a few months ago and was sneezing every few minutes. That kind of sounds like what your saying, he would struggle with is sneezes and it would look like there was something in his nose. I took him to the vet and he got some meds.... everything went away in about 2 weeks. He also had pink eyes along with it, are your cats eyes pink and irritated looking? If so, it could be just a common cold. Hope it helps! |^|
  • Jan ArmstrongJan Armstrong Member Posts: 6,559
    edited 15 June, 2007
    I did a lot of sneezing, and coughing, when I found my momma. I had URI. I am a feral rescue and it progressed to the point that I could have died. URI is a virus that is very contagious and deadly if left untreated, but also very curable with antibiotics and not much of a problem for kitties up on their vaccines. I am thankful I found my momma just in time. I was a very sick kitty. You may also want the vet to check if you have swallowed something you should not have and are trying to cough it up. Maybe even something got stuck up your nose when you were playing or in your litter? Are there smaller children around? Children stick things in strange places. :-#
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 16 June, 2007
    You could have a URI, if the sneezing continues and/or you have nasal or ocular discharge. However, the sneezing you are describing may be what we call a "reverse sneeze." Cats are less likely to reverse sneeze than dogs are. However, owners should always have the veterinarian examine the cat in case it's feline asthma, and not a reverse sneeze. In a regular sneeze, your dog pushes air out through the nose; however, in a reverse sneeze, air is pulled rapidly in through the nose. During a reverse sneeze, your dog will make rapid inspirations, stand still with his elbows spread apart, extend his head, and his eyes may bulge. He'll make a loud snorting sound, which might make you think he has something caught in his throat. Each reverse sneezing episode generally lasts for less than a minute up to two minutes. The exact reason for these episodes is unknown but may be related to allergies, nasal irritants or nasal inflammation. A reverse sneeze may look disturbing – many people fear that their dog is not breathing during these episodes – but it is not a harmful condition and there are no ill effects. Reverse sneezing attacks are generally quite brief and not life threatening.
  • mary hoffmanmary hoffman Milford CenterMember Posts: 62
    edited 18 June, 2007
    Thanks guys for the help. It is very appreciated. Sis took me to the vets that she works at. Since it only started the day before, the vet told us that it could either be something up the nose, like cat littler or allergies. He thinks it's more like allergies. He gave me a physical and said my teeth look perfect for a 16 year old cat that never had a dental before, so it's not a tooth problem. He said to just watch me for a few days, and if it doesn't go away, then most likely is allergies and said to bring me back for more meds. Well, it's been since thursday and sis is gonna take me back if it doesn't go away in a couple days. My eyes are fine, they only water when I sneeze constantly in a row, and my nose runs when I sneeze. But when I don't, I am fine and look normal.Thanks everybody, I apperciate the help and support!! BOO BOO KITTY!!
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