Urinary track problems - Bad habits of peeing out of place.

A RichardA Richard PetawawaMember Posts: 16
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Hello everyone; Tiki has a history of urinary problems, and ever since I have been making sure his diet is right and he has plenty of water; but just yesterday I noticed he began showing signs of it again. He is peeing fine, but he sits longer and has been peeing on the floormat in the bathroom. I know whenever he's in pain he like to find a "better" spot to do his business, but I can't handle him getting into this habit. He's done it twice. Once yesterday, once today. The litter is clean, newly changed. Is there some way I can convince him that the litter box is a better place to do this? I'll be moving into someone's place at the end of the summer and I can't have him peeing around their house for the couple months we are there. I'm not even sure that he is doing this because of pain; I find he's been more irritable than usual with Keesher too. Perhaps he's just stressed out about something? Maybe I need a second litter box? Sorry about the rant, I'm just worried this will turn into another aweful experience. I'm ready to hear ANY suggestions you have. If he means taking him to a Cat whisperer, I might just do it, lol. Thanks a bunch


  • Irene CoughlinIrene Coughlin Jamaica,Queens, New YorkMember Posts: 160
    edited 17 June, 2007
    There\'s a litter with litter attractant already in it-(Dr.Elsey\'s Cat Attract) It\'s on PetSmart\'s website. It says on the package that the litter is money back guaranteed and will help train/retrain cats using the litter box. Good Luck, keep us posted on how things work out. =;
  • A RichardA Richard PetawawaMember Posts: 16
    edited 18 June, 2007
    Ah thank you; I was searching the other threads for information like this and saw another mention this attractive litter :P I will surely look into it. ^_^ Thanks!
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