Calling all Feline Epileptics!

Michelle MachenMichelle Machen McAllenMember Posts: 256
edited 23 June, 2007 in Plus Friendly
Hello All! I just started a new group call EpileptiCats. It's designed for kitties who have Feline Epilepsy and their humans. The seizure monster is an awful thing and little is still known to be understood about it. Lets join together to offer support and information to share! We can beat that darn seizure monster!! If you or some kitty you know has seizures please join. We may be able to help each other with our stories and experiences. *purr and headbonks* Shadow


  • Niki MattsonNiki Mattson St. PaulMember Posts: 20,360
    edited 22 June, 2007
    Very interesting. Maybe I should make a group for cats with HUMANS who have seizures, cuz mine does, every once in a while, and it ain't purrrty! Mommy knew a human who had a cat who all of a sudden had seizures. The poor kitty was sooo fat, belly dragging almost to the floor. She had a seizure and Mommy, who is definitely not a cat expert, but wants to be, told her to get the kitty to the vet immediately. The lady didn't know where the nearest vet was, she hadn't taken her cats in for YEARS! She called Mommy two hours later saying the cat was fine, she just peed on the floor. Mommy said that she should still get the cat to the vet, like on Monday. The lady said "Eh, the dog has seizures all the time, and he's fine" That was in June, 3 years ago. in November of that year, she called Mommy again, bawling her head off saying the cat had another seizure. Mommy said to get her to the vet NOW! She didn't. Cat peed again and seemed okay. In March of the next year (four months later) the cat had had another spell, and the husband finally took the cat in and she had kidney disease and had to be put to sleep in a few hours. Mommy wanted to say "Now, if you had taken your cat to the vet annually, or even after that first spell, you could have prolonged her life maybe a couple more years, or not. But at least if you couldn't, maybe she wouldn't have suffered so long" DUH!
  • Michelle MachenMichelle Machen McAllenMember Posts: 256
    edited 23 June, 2007
    Squeakers that sure is a sad story! Too bad some humans just don't get it right away huh? Sometimes it takes something that drastic to open their eyes. Sad, sad, sad. So your human has seizures huh? I know what that is like. It's tough by luckily my humans love me very much. They started the EpileptiCats group so that they can learn and help spread knowledge about Feline Epilepsy. Tell your human we wish luck with the seizure monster. :-h If you know of any epileptic cats....send them our way! *purrs and headbonks* Shadow
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