Mats, Old Age and Hypothermia

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Middy's mom here: Middy is 16 years old. She is a tabby and has medium length hair. She lives outside for the most part and of course loves rolling in the dirt. She used to be a great self-groomer, but as she has gotten older this isn't the case any longer. She is getting terribly matted. We went to Petsmart to check to see if they could shave her. They said that they do not do cats of her age, because she could likely go into hypothermia when they bathed her. They cautioned us about doing this on our own, as well, for the same reason, and not to try cutting her hair because her skin will be very fragile and the likely hood of us cutting her was high. I'm now a bit frightened to try to handle her mats. Has anyone heard of this before? I'm afraid she is going to be one wild ball of tangled mess if I can't figure out something. (Note: I do have a furminator, but it warns against using on tangles, etc. I'd be interested in any thought in using it as well). Thank you. ~Middy's mom (Maria) ~


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    hey there Middy, as a groomer i do plenty of older cats who no longer groom themselves properly and have never had one go into hypothermia during a Bath! i think it would be practically impossible for that to happen unless you use ice cold water and don't dry the cat and let it sit in a cold room...anyway if Middy is getting matted then yes she does need to be groomed short, if there are only a few mats then you could opt for just spot clipping the mats but if they are large or extensive then everything might need to be clipped. i would look around at some of the private grooming places especially if they specialize in cats. now i will warn you that since Middy is an outdoor cat you will need to check on her regularly and frequently through out the day since in the summer she can over heat and sun burn outside much faster with her hair short, not to mention if she gets in a fight with another animal she will have less protection. she'll need even more shade and shelter plus access to lots of cool water. the best thing would be to keep her indoor, only allowing her outside when she can be supervised. hope that helps
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    Thanks, Riddick and mom! Great information. We will look for a groomer that specializes in cats. I have cut off some of her worst mats with scissors, but only the top portion as not to get close to her skin. But each day she seems to have more and more of them. I dont know if cats sweat or if she just is getting worse and worse about cleaning. I do appreciate your thoughts and your time.
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    no problem Midget. cats do sweat but only between the pads on their feet( same as dogs) and the realease heat more by panting than anything which is why they can over heat easier when shaved.
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