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Raw Food?

Rosa CrueyRosa Cruey DoranMember Posts: 499
edited 16 July, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
I was curious about what types of meat and veggies is healthy for a kitty to eat raw. I'd like to give Butterball some special tidbits, but I'm not sure what is healthy for him. I want him to get something every now and then that's different than his normal dry food. Any advice or suggestions?


  • Hazel_LucyHazel_Lucy PurrsvilleMember Posts: 6,156 ✭✭✭
    edited 6 July, 2007
    Hi Butterball!!! Since mom hates dealing with raw anything, she buys the Nature's Variety raw or the Primal raw. I eat some and like it. There is a forum for raw food you might check too.
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 6 July, 2007
    You can eat commerically available frozen or freeze dried raw foods. Many come in medallion or cube shape so they're easy to give as treats. Some Humans give tiny pieces of raw chicken as treats. We don't need to eat veggies, though there are felines who enjoy small amounts of veggies like carrots and peas.
  • dace krastsdace krasts SeattleMember Posts: 735
    edited 10 July, 2007
    Lots of foods are good raw. Depends on your cat's taste and needs though. Sally cat will eat just about any fruit, veggie, or meat whether it's raw or cooked. Not that she should, but she is willing to eat it all. She's a natural for a raw diet, chewing through chicken necks and backs like they were nothing. Her favoritee fruits/veggies are melon, winter squash (cooked or raw), and asparagus (cooked). Brucey Bruce is very choosey but mostly sticks to raw meats, or cooked veggies mixed with the raw meat. She'll eat the occasional chicken neck but she doesn't like to work for her food so she doesn't get through the neck if it's too big. Ground raw meat works easiest for her.
  • Sue KaufmannSue Kaufmann CranfordMember Posts: 1,465
    edited 14 July, 2007
    I eat raw on a daily basis .... as a treat, it's great, too. I get regular thigh meat from a turkey, but every once in a while, the human will get me the turkey neck bones to try out. I'm not big on them -- they're so huge for me to gnaw on -- but it's a change of pace. She only gets them at Thanksgiving and Christmas, because that's when her mom gets a big turkey, and she doesn't use the giblets and whatnot. (I hate liver!!!)
  • Karolyn WcisloKarolyn Wcislo Easton, PAMember Posts: 7,551
    edited 16 July, 2007
    I love natures variety medallions as well :) Mmmm... mom han't converted me to all raw yet, but she is toying with the idea. Right now, I get a medallion once in a while, but she has recently switched me to Wellness canned along with my kibble (right now it is kirkland as I have a LOT left... ) So she is hpoing to switch me in the next month or so... Check out the Raw forum though, better answers there... at least the one on dogster has been great so far... haven;t checked this one out yet... will though as I start to make the switch :)
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