Iggy almost lost his life yesterday :(

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Poor Iggy lost one of his nine lives yesterday!! By one of his own no less!! My Shepherd Gunner decided he didn't want Iggy around anymore and tried to do him in. Thankfully we were right on top of it and rescued poor Iggy from a terrible fate!! Iggy hid out for hours and finally came out last night. He is going to be just fine, though very stressed out and I'm sure confused! Gunner has been with my cats since the age of three weeks old. Why he decided to be mean yesterday is beyond my understanding right now. A dog, a cat, I mean, I know the stories, but they have been good friends all along!! Thankfully Iggy will recover, but will never want to be around Gunner or any of the dogs anymore I'm sure. I am way mad at Gunner and he is being punished! I'm just glad Iggy will survive this very close call!!! Give Iggy extra hugs today :)


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    Shepards are vicious dogs. . . in fact, I think I read something about they're outlawing them in Ohio. But I'm not sure exactly. One came up and bit a poor kid on the arm--there wasn't any reason to do so! The kid didn't even touch the dog! ::hug for Iggy:: Feel better m'friend!
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    Just a couple of questions for you.... 1. You said Gunner has been with your cats since he was three weeks old.... Is that how old Gunner was when you brought him home or is that how old Iggy was? 2. What do you plan to do about them? Certainly you can't trust them to be together anymore. That's such a shame. *frowns* I always hate to hear of dogs hurting their kitty housemates. I'm glad to hear Iggy is alright. *hugs*
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    Oh poor Iggy *giving hugs to iggy* I read all about it on dogster *I sometime spy on dogs in case they have some evil plans*. Don't know what to say to your mommie. I guess you'll have to be more careful from now on.. Don't really know what happened there, but have you thouhgt that if your dog really wanted to killy Iggy, I don't think you'll be able to save him without any wounds and injures.. It 100% sure there would be some blood.. Maybe Iggy was annoying to dog and he wanted to scare him, and since iggy is small well.. But I wasn't there while it was happening and you know the best. That was just one suggestion.
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    I'm so sorry, Iggy! Hide as long as you need!
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