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What point siamese am I?

Elizabeth WrightElizabeth Wright Member Posts: 129
edited 21 October, 2007 in Choosing the Right Cat
I'm confused as to what point siamese I am. All I can tell is that I'm handsome. (Elizabeth: Yes you are. Now stop bragging, please.)


  • FelixFelix Member Posts: 45,573 ✭✭✭
    edited 23 July, 2007
    Hello, Prince Tai (love your name). You're definitely a very handsome seal point Siamese! Mom had a Siamese cat when she was growing up who looked a lot like you. Purrs, Felix :)
  • Elizabeth WrightElizabeth Wright Member Posts: 129
    edited 23 July, 2007
    Awesome. Seal point. Merci, Felix!
  • Saskia RottbeckSaskia Rottbeck CairnsMember Posts: 26,400
    edited 27 July, 2007
    Definatly a Seal Point
  • Kris PotterKris Potter Dallas SuburbMember Posts: 1,131
    edited 28 July, 2007
    Ah, but hang on a sec. Look at your paw pads. If they are really dark then yes, you are seal. But if thay are a cinnamon brown color you're likely a chocolate point. If your paw pads are like mine and kinda in between, just pick the one you'd rather be. MOL I'm chocolate. Either way, we're both GORGEOUS! =;
  • Kristine FrostenKristine Frosten BangorMember Posts: 71
    edited 25 August, 2007
    I am only half siamese...and the other half domestic long hair. Would I be considered a certain point? Mommy is new to Siamese cats.
  • edited 26 August, 2007
    You are so defintly Seal Point. My friend got a seal point and a blue point. =; yea ur seal point. %:D%
  • Kristine FrostenKristine Frosten BangorMember Posts: 71
    edited 26 August, 2007
    that's what my mommy thought...but she also thinks i look a lot like blue point kittens that she has seen pictures of. thank you for answering me. :-)
  • Tiffany McConnellTiffany McConnell OmahaMember Posts: 30,862
    edited 26 August, 2007
    Krystal, you look like a Lynx Point to me. :-k
  • FelixFelix Member Posts: 45,573 ✭✭✭
    edited 26 August, 2007
    Cheyanne is correct, Krystal. You look like a Lynx Point. And you're a cutie, too!
  • Kristine FrostenKristine Frosten BangorMember Posts: 71
    edited 27 August, 2007
    what gives it away?
  • AshPoGusAshPoGus AlbuquerqueMember Posts: 7,041 ✭✭✭
    edited 28 August, 2007
    Krystal, I think Pebbles might have been saying Prince Tai was a seal point. I think you, Krystal, look like a lynx point in the face, as the others said. I can't tell, but your tail looks solid color -- is it, or is it striped? Your points will probably continue to darken, so it will be more evident as you get a few months older. You're a cutie, no matter what. edit: Oops, sorry I didn't see your post on this second page, Krystal. We all see tabby-like stripes in your face and that's why we're saying lynx point. However, I just checked a "breed" handbook we have -- not sure that it's the last word, though. There are different feline associations that have different standards, and some "breeds" aren't recognized by all associations. Anyway, this book lists "Siamese tabby point" as a variety of Siamese, but has the "lynx point" listed among the Colorpoint Shorthairs. Too complicated! I think they're the same thing, it just depends what feline association is setting the standards. Either is a mixture of Siamese and tabby, which is what you look like -- see the tabby striping in your face?
  • Kristine FrostenKristine Frosten BangorMember Posts: 71
    edited 29 August, 2007
    yep...there is tabby striping in my face and tail. :-)
  • alyssa elkinsalyssa elkins east brunswickMember Posts: 169
    edited 21 October, 2007
    A seal point. And Mr Echo: You are also a seal point. Looking at your pictures, there is no way you could be chocolate point--chocolates are noticeably lighter. Seal points are my favourite kind.
  • Shellie DeanShellie Dean BadenMember Posts: 330
    edited 21 October, 2007
    I would say Prince Tai is a seal point. Us pointed cats come in so many shades, sometimes it\'s hard to say which we are. Like me, it\'s hard to say if I\'m blue or lilac pointed, but either way, I\'m a handsome guy with a laid-back and mellow personality; how could anyone resist falling in love with me?;)
  • Niki MattsonNiki Mattson St. PaulMember Posts: 20,360
    edited 21 October, 2007
    What about me? I mean, I know I am a Lynx point, but is it Seal or Cream?
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