Let\'s not let this one pass us by

Tammy RiveraTammy Rivera gadsdenMember Posts: 466
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We as animal lovers tend to let things go after awhile kind of forget about things concerning our animals. I do not think that we do this intentionally but our lifes get busy and we are off doing what ever it is that we do. But this case with Vicks has hurt meany and needs to do more then 6 years or whatever it is that they may offer. We have got to stand together on this one. Some do not care for pits and could careless of what happens to them and then you have someone like me that loves pits and will do what I can to protect them. But lets not look at the type of the dogs but what has happened to them and what it has done to others. It could of happened to any breed of dog and who's to say what type of dogs he used to train them so lets be opened minded to this and stand as 1 on this matter.|:| And not to mention that kids looked up to Vicks for him being in the NFL . Who really knows could be one of your kids that loved him and respected him now they see what he really is about. Vicks does not deserve to be where he is at and he needs to loss everything he has for what he has done. Some do not care for PETA but I tell you I see them right there figthing for the dogs rights and I agree on what they are doing in this matter...GO PETA=; I am sure some may roll there eyes and have a strong opinion on this as I do. But I did not start this to start any problems I started this to get the message out there that we as animal lovers need to stand together regardless of the pit issue it could have been anyone of our dogs that this happened to... Let's get Sick Vicks out of the NFL where he does not belong..And we have to turn on anyone involved in this matter. Abusing our animals any animal has got to stop. I think that are laws are getting better but we still have a long way to go. And only we as a whole can get the laws to where they need to be. Lets make Vicks the start of a new beginning for our animals. And get him convicted of all charges and get him out of the NFL. Please if you have not already sign this petition and any other one out there. If you have a petition that is out there that I can sign about this matter please leave it on this forum so that we can all sign it as I am sure there are meany out there that need to be signed concering this matter.. https://community.hsus.org/campaign/US_2007_dogfighting_nfl2?qp_source=gaba66&gclid=CM-FzLOA1Y0CFSBMGgodGlI_mQ Thank you Jakes Mom


  • Faye DufourFaye Dufour Destrehan, LA/New Orleans areaMember Posts: 4,648
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    Our meowmy went to that link and signed the petition. Yes, we MUST send a message that this sort of behavior is NOT ACCEPTABLE. At least Nike and another company have take Sick Vick off their rolls as a spokesperson. If kids who looked up to this "creature" (I cannot call him a person, that is an insult to our persons), think it is "okay" to abuse animals, how far away are they from thinking it is "okay" to abuse people (thinking of story today about an "creature" who left two toddlers in a car all day - they did not survive and she put them into TRASH BAGS and put the bags under the sink. People would say "that is like an animal"....but animals do not do this, nor do they fight each other because they are forced to do so. Thanks again for your efforts to keep this in front of CATSTER members. Did you read that the Humane Society of Atlanta staged a march in front of the Atlanta Falcons headquarters? Good for them!! This team is a big rival of the New Orleans Saints (we live right outside of New Orleans). Hopefully when the Falcons come to New Orleans to play, there will be another demonstration by one of our local animal rights groups. Louis (who wishes he were a big panther, so he could show this Vicks creature what pain is like)
  • Tammy RiveraTammy Rivera gadsdenMember Posts: 466
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    I have started a group on this matter if you are intrested let me know so that we can send you an invite.. Kizmits mom
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