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All of a sudden Finicky

Nastassia YalleyNastassia Yalley sherman OaksMember Posts: 39
edited 2 August, 2007 in Food & Nutrition
I used to eat anything and everything as far as cat food went. My mommy and I moved about a month ago, and while I'm adjusting to the house well, I don't like the food she used to always feed me (whickas individual packets). She bought me Iams, fancy feast, sheba, friskies, and whickas and only sometimes I eat them, mainly the beef ones with the sauce. What's going on with me? I'm tired of meowing even though my mom brought out brand new clean food for me because I refuse to eat it. She's getting really frustrated because after she feeds me, I still meow and act like there is no food. Should my mom continue to spend money on different foods until something sticks? Is this a phase? Please help because I want to make mom happy :[ btw, I just turned 10 years old in June :^:


  • Autumn GessertAutumn Gessert Amarillo, TXMember Posts: 333 ✭✭
    edited 27 July, 2007
    It could be that the food you always liked has changed its formulas and you just don't like them anymore. A lot of foods changed recently. Maybe your mom could try some of the premium brands for a switch-up for you. Can you get Merrick's (canned) where you live? There's other good brands too, but Merrick's is what we eat when we get wet food, and we love it. There's 8 different flavors, I bet there's one you'll like. Try just a can or two of the premium brands at first, some you will like, some you won't. Are you eating anything at all? Or do you just not seem to want anything? Purrs, Tommy
  • kate vonkkate vonk BoiseMember Posts: 1,313
    edited 27 July, 2007
    remember that the new sheba is not balanced and complete nutrition and should only be fed as a treat. merrick cans are great! we love all the flavors. we also enjoy the wellness grain free canned. i would try some premium brands (almost all of the brands have store locators on their individual websites) since they tend to be higher quality and more yummy since they have higher meat content.
  • Nastassia YalleyNastassia Yalley sherman OaksMember Posts: 39
    edited 2 August, 2007
    I've been eating fancy feast now. Since I'm 10 do you have any brands that you suggest? Where do you find Merricks? I'm in Los Angeles. At petco, my mom get's overwhelmed because there are so many choices...and with the recall she doesn't want me to get sick
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 2 August, 2007
    You can find Wellness, both dry and wet (hmmm! lobster and chicken!) at Whole Foods and other upscale groceries. Some Whole Foods also carry Pet Promise, which is a high quality, fully organic food (I tried it for a while, but it was too rich for me and made my tummy hurt, so I went back to Wellness canned). They're good starts, and less expensive than you might think. Sure, they are more expensive than Purina or Iams (not by much though), but they are better balanced, which means that your cat will need less of them to feel full. What the two have in common is that they have their own processing, canning and packing facilities, rather than having an outsorced operation model like many recalled food producers did (that's what makes them somewhat more expensive in the first place). As for Merrick's, and Innova (two other high end companies that do their own processing/packing), you might be able to find if you shop around for pet stores. Petco and Petsmart will not carry it, so you should hit the web and search for local pet stores, and then you could always call them up and ask them what brands of food they carry. Good luck!
  • Karen LeeKaren Lee The kingdom of Mer-lotMember Posts: 89,020
    edited 2 August, 2007
    Wellness food store locator Merrick food store locator Maybe a trip to the vet will rule out any medical condition that may be causing you not to eat. If the vet says you are healthy, then keep trying a variety of foods, from ienxpensive brands to premium brands. I have a lot of links to many premium brands of food: Nature's Variety, Innova, Timberwolf Organics, By Nature, etc. If you would like the links, you can Catmail me. There was a post with the links but it's buried somewhere in this forum.
  • Autumn GessertAutumn Gessert Amarillo, TXMember Posts: 333 ✭✭
    edited 2 August, 2007
    You can also get Merrick's online directly from Merrick, the shipping is free, but seems to take about a week to 10 days. We get ours shipped from Merrick, and can get some at the health food store (of all places!) if we run out between shipments. There are four of us here, at all different ages, and we all like it -- I am 6 yrs old, Felix is 10 yrs, Lars is 15 yrs, and Buster is 1 yr. Now I'm gonna try to make a clickable link direct to Merrick's for you -- I hope it works: Okay. It didn't work. I put the right web address in my next post - Tommy
  • Autumn GessertAutumn Gessert Amarillo, TXMember Posts: 333 ✭✭
    edited 2 August, 2007
    UGH!!!! I hate when that happens. I think I just give up on clickable links!!! I am so sorry everybody. Here is a not-clickable link: There. I am so embarrassed. Purrs, Tommy
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