Is this normal behavior?

Kristen HKristen H Member Posts: 29
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Asher's mom here. We finally let our resident kitty, Asher (4 years old), interact with the new kitten (6-8 weeks old). We stayed near by in case we had to break up any fights. The kitten seems to have no fear. He puffs up and hunches his back and walks sideways at Asher. He even jumps after him when Asher turns his back and he swats at Asher too. Asher does the same thing back to the kitten....puffs up, hunches his back, walks sideways. He only swatted a couple of times each time making gentle but firm contact with the kitten's head. Asher would lay down across the room and watch the kitten very closely. The kitten would run and hop toward Asher and the whole "standoff" would begin again. Asher never once growled or hissed at the kitten. This is just day 1 of the intro process. So far does Asher's behavior sound normal? I know this is just the first day of many but does it sound like things are going well so far?


  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
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    Asher is acting perfectly normal. He's showing his stuff and stating who's boss in the house, that's all. Territorial thing. He should calm down after they come to an agreement that the kitten is the "lower status" kitty if you will. :D I actually do the same thing all the time, even though I'm not the top cat in the house...I like to pretend I am.
  • Forrest JenkinsForrest Jenkins Member Posts: 439
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    I agree, Mia. Asher isn't being unfriendly or aggressive--just stating his case! Once they get more comfortable, and make friends, the "standoff" will probably progress into fun, high-energy games of chase, wrestle, and other play. They're just working out how to relate to each other.
  • Alana RobertsAlana Roberts BrooklynMember Posts: 758
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    This is perfectly normal even ideal behavior from your older Cat he's holding his turf but not actually injuring or threatening the new kitten. Wolfie is exactly the same. You should give your kitty big cuddles for being such a good boy!
  • edited 12 August, 2007
    Oh, I agree this is very good initial meeting behavior! We have found that most cats don't really hurt a kitten, and the territory and who's-in-charge-here will work itself out. This little show of boldness is about right...bodes better than somecat under the bed for 3 days! Hooray for you all, and just keep an eye out...everycat will probably be having lovies shortly.
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