Traveling in a RV?

Susie, Mike Yang, VeldboerSusie, Mike Yang, Veldboer VancouverMember Posts: 4,115
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Meow. I overheard my \"house buddies\" Susie and Mike say that they might have to go on vacation with Mike\'s parents in a RV in June for two weeks. They worry about what to do with me. They said that I had \"FIV\" (whatever that is) so if I got stressed, my immune system would go down and it\'s very bad for me. Since I\'m so attached to them (I follow them around all day and take naps on their laps/tummies), they are actually considering taking me along with them. They talked about putting me on a harness so I wouldn\'t run away. But what about my stress level? Would it be worse than leaving me home alone (I\'m the only cat) and have a sitter over to look after me twice a day? Does anybody have the experience of traveling in a RV with a cat? Help! Any input is welcome! Meow! Meow! Nemo


  • Deb O'NeillDeb O'Neill PerkasieMember Posts: 8,659
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    Well, Mom traveled with a kitty in a trailer for 3 weeks at a time back in the '70s. Midnight did fine and was happy to be with the family. He rode in the car because no one was allowed to ride in the trailer while it was being pulled, but he got used to it and never had a problem. Grandma kept a small box with litter in it for pitstops.
  • Kelly FalkKelly Falk LivoniaMember Posts: 15
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    Oh that sounds like lots of fun, riding around in an RV! Maybe your humans can spend a few days living in the RV with you before the big day of the trip, so you\'ll be used to the place. I bet if they bring your kitty supplies from the house you\'ll hardly notice the difference. I think the worst part will be hearing the engine start but I think if your on one of your humans laps or in a carrier when the engine starts then you\'ll feel safe. Maybe after living in the RV for a few days they can take you on short trips; like around the block or something so you get used to moving around in your new traveling home. I bet you\'ll find a great hiding spot or two in there too! Let me know how it goes and all the sites you see. Maxwell
  • Amy ClarkAmy Clark WarrentonMember Posts: 28
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    I lived in an RV for a year and we took lots of rides in it. Mom likes to say I have about 15,000 miles on me. I always rode really well in the car and always did better with my family than without. So when it came to taking vacations in the RV, they just made sure I had my box, my food and water bowl and my beds. I did better riding in it after having time to explore while it was parked before they decided to move it, but WOW the views were amazing. I also didn't like being in the carrier - I like to roam free, but mom says I need to caution you about a few things. 1. The Dashboard is NOT a cat perch - particularly on the Driver's Side 2. The holes under the bedside table cabinets are NOT hiding holes. (apparently when we go there Mom & Dad can't find us and that worries them) 3. The Screen Door must be closed at all time and all window's must have good screens. Hope this helps! Have fun roaming the country! Purrs... Soph
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