Momma leaving for a week, can I go too?

Rachel AilinRachel Ailin LeavenworthMember Posts: 19
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Momma might be going to see her dad in the next state over for a week or so, and she wants me to go too! I usually do pretty good on car rides, and momma thought maybe she could set up a litter box in the back of her car for me, and maybe even get me a car seat so I can look out the window! Momma's dad's got a kitten of his own, though, from a feral litter and it hasn't seen a vet yet. Momma's wondering what the possibilities of it getting me sick are. Momma's also worried that I'd get car sick on such a long ride, since I've never been in the car more than a half an hour at a time. On the other hand, I don't wanna spend a week at home alone! Dad's gonna be off sailing that week, and I think I might die of boredom! What do you kitties think?


  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    I'm gonna pass on the advice I've been given (mommy wants to take me to grandmaw during the holidays). - Make sure to stock water & food for a long ride and have a litterbox available - just in case you might need it - If you're leash trained, bring a leash. You might want to have actual pit stops. - Use feliway inside the carrier. It's a spray that mimics kitty pherormones and calms us kitties down if we're stressed out - When you get there, make sure to make the litterbox available right away - Confining you to a single room while you get adjusted to new surroundings might be a good idea. The last one goes double if there is another kitty in isolation, as in your case. Your mom and grandpaw might want to also use hand sanitizer before and after handling the feral kitty, so they don't get you sick. Even so, there is always a risk of exposure, so you might want to have mommy leave you at home with a sitter coming by to check on you, and maybe you can visit grandpaw another time?
  • Rachel AilinRachel Ailin LeavenworthMember Posts: 19
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    Yeah, momma decided not to go anyway since she couldn't afford to take the time off and she's helping a lady train her service dog (And the puppy's arriving just about the time we'd be in the middle of our visit) Momma doesn't want to leave me alone a whole week (even with someone stopping in) so she says she'll try to visit in the fall when maybe dad can come too, and maybe momma's dad's kitty will have a secure clean bill of health.
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    Let me just say...been there, done that! My human Gramma (Daddy\'s mommy) has a vacation house that is 3 hours away - car trip. So far, we (Firefly & I) have been with our human family on vacation twice. Mommy & Daddy discovered that we were perfectly pleasant house guests, just terrible traveling companions! The fist time, we had free roam, opened litter box ect. in the van...Let me just tell you the short of it...vomiting & diarrhea. Not a fun three hours for anyone...Although we took a \"Calm Dow! for cats\" oral drops before travel, it seemed to have little to no effect for us. Year two. We remained in our carriers with a towel drapped over the top. AND We were given meds from the vet. BOY, did they work! Although we acted somewhat \"drunk\", staggering, slanty eyes, and bizzaar meowing, we slept & were mostly comfortable for the car trip. They effects wore off by the next morning. (Somewhat long-lasting) W/ the meds: Don\'t give any food the morning of travel. Administer 1/2 - 1 pill/or crush it up into a paste w/ a small amount of water & oral syringe, 2 hours before travel. Although we would not recommend anything without a doctor\'s permission, this worked for us. *~*Spider*~*
  • L AL A Squirrel WatchinMember Posts: 38
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    I wanna come next time too!;)
  • Renan SalvadorRenan Salvador Member Posts: 6
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    Ooh ooh sounds fun! Can I come wif, can I come wif? |^| I be good kittie too! :^: Kthxbai!
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
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    Spider, mommy tried the towel thing for me in the carrier when I am in the car, but it makes me cry worse because I worry I am going to a new house where mommy won't be in. I really in general like being able to see my mommy and be held and petted by her when I am scared. Nothing else will calm me down and get me content. Sure, I will cower under mom's bed too when she's not home, but in the car there is no mom's bed, so I would want mom. Mommy's learning that every cat is different, so each pawrent has to work with what works for the cat.
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