Help with dirty ear mite ears for a kitten!!!

Justine JohnsonJustine Johnson DurandMember Posts: 19
edited 23 September, 2007 in Grooming
We recently got a little 6 week old kitten from a barn, and her ears an\re filthy, but we cant use any ear mite medicine on her because she is too young. What can we do to clean her ears at this young age?:?


  • Beverly HixBeverly Hix Osage CountyMember Posts: 48
    edited 19 August, 2007
    Years ago before we ever heard of medication to control ear mites, Mother treated our cats ears with a drop of mineral oil. It seemd to work and I don't think it would hurt the kitten.
  • Maggie CrabtreeMaggie Crabtree DetroitMember Posts: 94
    edited 31 August, 2007
    Get some ear cleaner from your vet. It's really inexpensive and they will know what will be safe for the little guy. Trust me when I say I know about gooky ears--I got mine flushed today at the vets. If you don't keep them clean and the dirt and wax sit in his ears he can get an infection that could lead to hearing loss. You want CLEAN ears all the way down. Oh, and DON"T use q-tips. It only pushes the dirt further in even though you think your getting it out. Use the solution from the vet, fill the ear with it (warming it will help make it less irritating/shocking) and massage the base of the ear (all the while trying to keep kitty from shaking his head and getting stuff all over you) and then tear up cotton balls and gently place them in the ear to wipe up and absorb the excess fluid. The cleaner is specially designed with drying agents so even though you worry about all the fluid you dump in, what you dont get out with the cotton ball will just dry. Better yet, go to the vet and have them demo for you. Mommys done that a few times and I think today she really got the technique. Especially since she's paid to clean up all she's been missing over my short two years of life. Good luck! Nibbles, Radar
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 1 September, 2007
    First you need to determine if it's mites or just dirty ears. Also, I would not recommend putting ANYTHING into the ears until a vet has examined them If there is a ruptured ear drum, liquids into the ear can cause severe damage. If it is mites, there is a great product that can be used in cats 4 weeks and older. Your vet will either have it or can order it. It really works well and usually only 1 treatment is necessary. It's called milbemite.
  • Maggie CrabtreeMaggie Crabtree DetroitMember Posts: 94
    edited 8 September, 2007
    Hunters right! I should have said get the solution from your vet AND be sure he looks at your ears BEFORE you do anything. My bad :r. From what I've garnered, Hunter's advice is always sound (me thinks we heard his mommys a tech) so just do whatever Hunter says and you'll be good! :) Good luck Radar
  • karen andersonkaren anderson small town siamesevilleMember Posts: 5,514
    edited 23 September, 2007
    Yep,,,,,I would also agree that you need to let the vet check your little ears to make sure that's what is going on......the vet can clean out the ears if it is ear mites & will send some more meds with you that you can use at home. I would just think that the vet would be able to determine/check things out to rule out other things such as infection. Good luck! Purrs
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