dry skin in my neck

Eilleen RobillosEilleen Robillos great lakesMember Posts: 6
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last week my mom discovered something in my neck.. it looks like a dry skin and a little bit red.. so my mom check my whole body thinking that i got fleas.. but she said there's nothing.. so she's not worrying.. and (i think) after 2 days since we discover that something in my neck again this time it feels like bumpy.. and then when she checked it.. i looks like i scratched it is hard and it bleed.. i realized that the bumpy feeling is a dry blood.. and ohh no! again.. my mom is worried she thought its a flea or something.. she saw in the internet that if theres a blood in my skin it might me the flea bit me or something.. she checked me again and theres nothing.. and now my mom is checking me again and she said that it looks like its getting wider.. the one that i wounded, the dry blood is still there (because my mom cant remove it because it's sticking in my skin and she scared that if she removed it ,, it may bleed and hurt me).. and beside that is my skin getting red again.. my mom dont know if i just scratching it that's why it gets worse.. and im wearing a soft paw.. so i dont know how it get wounded.. :(


  • Eilleen RobillosEilleen Robillos great lakesMember Posts: 6
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    and also my hair is shredding too much now i dont know whats wrong with me :( im scared.. my mom tried to bathe me even she knows we're having hard time for that.. but again my mom failed.. im just wet never had the whole shower process.. she wants to give me a dry bath but she worrying cuz of my dry skin that gets wounded and getting wider :( im so sad i hope somebody will help me i really appreciate that
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    Have you been to the vet? Maybe if the vet takes a look at it, there'll be a special ointment you can get to help heal you back up. Sometimes we need that little bit of extra help. Many, many years ago, mom had a cat with something that sounds similar, only it was under the kitty's arm. She had to use a special shampoo to bathe the cat (!!!!) for a while, but the shampoo and some of the vet's ointment cleared it right up. It wasn't easy, but it worked really well, and pretty fast, too. We just hate to see you uncomfortable and losing your pretty hair! Let us know how you're doing -- Purrs, Tommy
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    Yes, I also think you need to see a vet so they can determine what that spot is and how to treat it. I also had a little bite once that was real easy to treat with ointment from the vet, but I think allergies could cause things like that, too -- so you need to find out.
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    ooh, Majin-buu! I had some rash "of unknown origin" and had to go to the vet, who said that it was of unknown origin! Well, yeah. We tried home things, but the vet thought as Scooter said, that it may have been a bug bite that I irritated or just an odd allergic reaction to something. Not much help, but we think a vet visit might be in order. You want to make sure it is not a sign of something other than a skin thing, too. Good luck!
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