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Help me choose the right cat!

Rachel HenneyRachel Henney AcampoMember Posts: 1,476
edited 25 August, 2007 in Choosing the Right Cat
I've been without a feline friend for quite a while now! And I think I am ready for a new baby (doesn't have to be a kitten)! My question is what breed of cat is good with dogs and kids? In other words I need an easy going lovable cat! Also My zip code is 95220 if anyone knows of rescues or anything like that with cats that fit these qulities! Please help me out! Thanks So much!!


  • kirsty pengellykirsty pengelly LondonMember Posts: 852
    edited 18 August, 2007
    lots of recues will have cats like this as its not about the breed but the cats personality
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
    edited 18 August, 2007
    I agree, it depends on the cat's personality. I would check the Catster adoption center and They both use little icons to let you know if the cat is good with kids, dogs, other cats, ect. You can also check your local shelters and let them know what you are looking for in a cat. If you want a purebred cat be sure to let the breeder what you are looking for too. Good luck and I hope you find the purrfect kitty!
  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
    edited 18 August, 2007
    If you get a kitten it'll have no issues with getting used to a child or other pets. An older cat would be more set in it's ways! Did you try the adoption search on our site? Or
  • Darlene WagnerDarlene Wagner MilwaukeeMember Posts: 1,075
    edited 19 August, 2007
    My mommy got both me and my sister at the Humane Society. We are both mixed, but mommy looked online at cat breeds personalities, and we do all have different types. I have Siamese in me-they are very friendly. Try this site for a good fit
  • Cathy AudorffCathy Audorff Janesville, WisMember Posts: 3,812 ✭✭
    edited 19 August, 2007
    We agree that it is more the personality than the breed. I was in a cat shelter for a while when Mommie got me and so I was comfortable around other cats. Mufasa had another cat with him for a while in his first home, so he was ok too. But he doesn't like dogs!!
  • Sandi MahanaSandi Mahana Member Posts: 4,011
    edited 19 August, 2007
    you could always try going to and when you typ in your zip code it will come up with all the adoptable cats in your area then there'll be a description about the cat and will say if he gets along with other animals.
  • Rachel HenneyRachel Henney AcampoMember Posts: 1,476
    edited 21 August, 2007
    Ok I know all about Petfinder and that most rescues know what a cat is good with and not good with! But I want to search breeds in petfinder! Like most people that seek out a dog even if it a mixed dog usually have a breed in mind that they search! I just want to know which breeds are good with dogs and kids so i can research that breed on Petfinder! I heard Bengal are dog like cats that are good with just about any situation! Also if I visit a recue or shelter what charastics do i look for! It's been a while! Do I want one that reaches out or hides? How can I tell which cats are easy going but still loving! What do I look for when visiting the cats? ;c;
  • Melissa RyanMelissa Ryan Fall RiverMember Posts: 401
    edited 21 August, 2007
    Look for a kitty that doesn't hide, that seems comfortable around people and friendly. If a cat gets up and comes to you, then it wants your attention. That's a good friendly outgoing kitty. Most of the kittens you'll find at a rescue place will not be pure breeds. You'll most likely find a lot of Domestic shorthairs or longhairs.
  • Wayne johnsonWayne johnson Western SydneyMember Posts: 20
    edited 22 August, 2007
    I'm a first time cat owner. My Guiness compliments my personality and my lifestyle . That forged a strong bond between us and while people thing it strange that a mean bugger like me has a cat once they get to know Guiness they realise that we are of the same breed. Take the time and pick the right one not just the first one. You'll end up with a great mate that way. Just my opinion .
  • Annalisa Conserti-JonesAnnalisa Conserti-Jones Member Posts: 5,234
    edited 22 August, 2007
    Actually, Bengals are as active as a dog, but not very doglike. Maybe you're thinking of Manx cats? They are more like dogs, according to CFA. I don't know that you can judge shelter cats from their initial temerousness or timidity. I was very timid as a kitten when it came to adoption events: I didn't like being caged, and I didn't like being poked and prodded by strangers/children. Dad could tell right away. Mom liked my sister cat's outgoing "personality" better, but felt a little more of a tug of her heart when it came to me. When I came home and got used to mom and dad, they realized that I can be skittish on occasion, but I am definitely not timid!!! Just this weekend, I met one of dad's friends for the first time, and as soon as I sniffed him, I dropped next to his feet to ask for a belly rub! Dad's friend was surprised by that, but mom told him "well, he just decided you're a nice person right away, that's all!" :)) Mom says that you should just start looking, and when you find the cat who's meant to come home with you, you'll both know it. Mom didn't need to have me rub all over her and purr at her. All she had to do was look in my eyes and see that behind the fear and uncertainty there was just as strong a need to be loved, and that's all that mattered.
  • Julie Fiona LudwigJulie Fiona Ludwig CrauthemMember Posts: 6
    edited 24 August, 2007
    I would recommend you to take a Birman cat. Because we Birmans are so cute and lovely! We are good-natured, not aggressive at all, quiet, not difficult. We are really fit for families. And we are beautiful, of course.
  • Alana RobertsAlana Roberts BrooklynMember Posts: 758
    edited 24 August, 2007
    I would have to argue the go for a shelter cat route. There are literally thousands of kitties needing homes in shelters I'm sure one of them woudl fit into your family perfectly. As far as kitties go though from now on please keep them indoors only so another tragedy doesn't occur!
  • Rachel HenneyRachel Henney AcampoMember Posts: 1,476
    edited 25 August, 2007
    Oh I know! We don't live in the same place anymore that had a busy road nearby that he tried to cross! I told my husband after that experince I will NEVER have an outdoor cat again!
  • edited 25 August, 2007
    :^: I would look at the rescues. There are alot of cats in there. They need homes better than breeder cats. They have felling to. That would be the next cat I will get is a rescue cat they have great personalitys.:^: $~$~Figero~$~$ Good luck of finding the right cat.=;%:D%
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