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Sonia KellySonia Kelly SurreyMember Posts: 1
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Hi I wonder if anyone can help me, Billie is suffering terribly with mats in her fur on her lower back near the base of her tail. She hates being groomed at the best of times, so wondered if anyone had any other suggestions as to how I can get rid of them. Many thanks in advance Billie's Mum Sonia. x


  • Forrest JenkinsForrest Jenkins Member Posts: 439
    edited 8 August, 2007
    Do you have a pair of electronic clippers? Could you have someone put a towel, wrapped tightly, over the front of her and hold her while you "buzz" the mats off? I have never done that, but it seems like either you or the vet could clip the mats, and then slowly work to get her to tolerate being brushed. Is it being brushed, or being clipped, or what that she hates?
  • Kate ThornburgKate Thornburg Member Posts: 63
    edited 18 August, 2007
    I know you probably hate the groomer, but he's the one who can get rid of mats fast.
  • Michelle SheldonMichelle Sheldon PhoenixMember Posts: 1,176
    edited 30 August, 2007
    Well it really depends on how bad the mats are. Can you get a comb under them or are they so close to the skin that a comb won't fit? Never get the mats wet! If you get mats wet it makes them worse, harder to get out, closer to the skin, and makes the mats rock hard. As for getting them out, you need a metal comb and some baby powder. And you put the baby powder on the mat, and keep combing and working it out. Also if the mat isn't too bad and your cat isn't too crazy, get a sharp pair of scissors and either cut the mat out or put one blade of the scissors under the mat and pull up. It helps separate the mat so is easier to remove. If none of this works, go to the vet or groomer. Or is the mat is to the skin and you can't get a comb under it you will need to go to the vet as most groomers can't/won't use that small of a blade on a cat. Hope this helps. Mommy is a groomer so she knows this stuff.
  • Kate McCormickKate McCormick ColumbusMember Posts: 232
    edited 30 August, 2007
    Hi Billie! You\'re such a pretty girl, that, mats seem unfair! However, they happen to me, as well. I\'m an older kitty, and I do have pretty bad arthritis. Mommy used to attempt to brush me with a cat brush, but, those really hurt my back! My arthritis is located at the base of my spine, and anything with hard bristles REALLY hurts! Not to mention, although I am fluffy everywhere else, I do have a bony spinal cord. Mommy finally found my solution. She WAS forced to take me to the vet to have the mats removed. But, after that, she purchased a nail brush. You know, the kind of soft-bristle brush you buy to scrub your nails with? They are nice and soft, and get rid of lots of excess fur. Plus, they are really gentle on my back. In fact, I sit in the bedroom every morning while Mommy gets ready for work, WAITING to be brushed. It makes me purr....and drool. She brushes that spot every morning, and then wipes it with a wet paper towel, or wash cloth. My fur has grown back perfectly, and I no longer have any problems with mats. Good luck to you, Billie. Such a pretty girl!!!! Purrs and nose-kisses, JoJo
  • Melissa FordMelissa Ford Santa CruzMember Posts: 3,914
    edited 1 September, 2007
    You might ask your vet to clip them off for you. it only takes minutes and if necessary they can give yo a small sedative (something a groomer can not). If you really hate to be groomed, then I don't recommend having your parents try this themselves, cat bites and scratches require medical attention and are very painful. Combing them pout is probably not going to work, especially if they are rally bad. Also this takes alot longer and is more painful than just clipping them off.
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