Al PaluskyAl Palusky Member Posts: 165
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We have been grooming Baby. He can't do much of that any more. He had been getting those mats in his fur. They bothered him. We bought this comb called the Furminator. It looks like the head of a barbers clipper. Boy does that work good. Baby likes it when we brush him with it. Takes out enough fur that we could make another cat with it. It seems to take out the dead hair from the bottom. It leaves his coat shiney, and soft again like he was when he was younger.. Al


  • Justine JohnsonJustine Johnson DurandMember Posts: 19
    edited 19 August, 2007
    where can you get this? I have problems with matts too. It gets so badthat we had to shave around my back and tail area.
  • Leanne FroebelLeanne Froebel Member Posts: 1,730
    edited 19 August, 2007
    Hi Tiger, Mom found the best price on Amazon.com when she ordered my Furminator. And yes, it works pawsome! The first couple times you use it you might want to go outside. Just an FYI, it is a de-shedding tool and the company does not recommend useing it on fur already matted. Regular use should help prevent mats though. for more info see http://www.furminator.com/
  • Greg OlsonGreg Olson San RafaelMember Posts: 286
    edited 20 August, 2007
    My Dad came home with a Furminator on Saturday and boy did it do the job! The first session removed so much fur, much better than any shedding brush I\'ve ever seen! No way did we get it all so tonight we\'re going to have another brushing session. My coat looks and feels so nice! Love the Furminator! %:D%
  • Melinda BMelinda B Member Posts: 1,628
    edited 20 August, 2007
    Hi Kitties, MOL when I furst saw this thread I thought it had something to do with me. My Mom saw this thing at a local pet store and wondered if she should try it on me...now we will get it! Thanks for the recommendation!! p.s. I also noticed you mention shopping on amazon.com for this. I wanted to give you kitties a heads up that a lot of us catsters are boycotting amazon because they are selling dog fighting books and other stuff. If you google amazon and dog fighting you will see the petitions and stuff. They refuse to stop! It is a bummer cuz my Mom used to buy lots of cds and books and Feliway there until a catster told us what was going on:o(
  • Jan AllenJan Allen DallasMember Posts: 2,596
    edited 20 August, 2007
    My mommy got one at Pet's Mart on sale - 24.95. It is wonderful. I look so pretty now - I'm pretty heavy so don't groom myself real good. Mom got two small trash cans full of fur. I feel so good and love to be de-furred with it.
  • TRACY YOUNGTRACY YOUNG New YorkMember Posts: 6,538
    edited 20 August, 2007
    My Mom got one at Cat Faeries where she bought some anti-icky poo and other stuff to help with my, er, incontinence issues. Hey, I\'m almost 20, whaddya want from me. :)) The Furminator is great. Another cat, is right! Mom made little mousies for all of us to play with from my old fur. :))
  • Eva viezelEva viezel MontrealMember Posts: 3,008
    edited 21 August, 2007
    FURMINATOR ROCKS! $24.00 is reasonable. Mom got it on eBay for 14.00 and got a second one for a friend :r for less then $20.00 This is the seller.http://stores.ebay.ca/cheapcheapbay It comes from Hong Kong in about a week and it is the real deal! Love, Wally
  • Julie BennettJulie Bennett TorontoMember Posts: 280
    edited 21 August, 2007
    My Mommy is thinking of investing in one since I have fluffy fur and have been known to get the occasional matt. How do you guys like the feel of it on your skin? Does it scratch or pull at all? If so I will not be into that. I like gentle brushing only and tolerate the under the arm brushing for a very short time. By the way Wally. They have both purple and blue ones on link that you gave. What is the difference? They both say they are small and are for cats and look at bit different....??
  • Patricia YaterPatricia Yater Member Posts: 1
    edited 25 August, 2007
    Milo - Our Mommy bought us a Furminator, and at first we rejected it. We were used to a rubber block with bristles. It took us a few times but we kind of like it now. It kinda feels good as long as Mom keeps moving around and doesn\'t keep brishing the same spot for too long. And BOY does it feel good to lose all that extra fur as hot as it is here! The Shed Ender we had didn\'t work nearly as good as the furminator! Me, I love the Furminator. I just lay there and pur while it feels like I\'m getting a good back-scratching that goes below the fur!
  • Michelle BlochMichelle Bloch Member Posts: 447
    edited 26 August, 2007
    We have a Furminator, too, but Mommy must feel worried to use it on us because she doesn't know how much pressure is all right. It's like the brush scares her :)) . Right now she uses a rubber brush and my siblings and I all like it a lot. Does anyone have any advice on how to use it - Mommy read slow strokes, up to 5 or 6 strokes per area, but is there any more info available? Is there a certain age from when to start using the brush? As for the purple and blue brush differences, from what I understand, it has to do with the size.
  • Eva viezelEva viezel MontrealMember Posts: 3,008
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    Mom was scared to use the FURminator too. But she tried it on her arm and it really doesn\'t scratch at all. Just gentle strokes no real pressure. Don\'t be scared. Blue and purple are both small. Good luck Wally
  • Patty StephensPatty Stephens BostonMember Posts: 197
    edited 27 August, 2007
    My September Catnip issue just rated the highest ranking of 5 paws for the FURminator! Boy meowmy has to pick up one of these fur me!!! They have a web site www.furminator.com or you can call at 888-283-1620. Gee I hope it is ok to list this on Catster??
  • Michelle SheldonMichelle Sheldon PhoenixMember Posts: 1,176
    edited 30 August, 2007
    Well with any bristle brush you don't want to put any more pressure on your cat then you would your own arm. Cats have very sensitive and thin skin. Using a furminator is like what we would call a surgical blade. It is just like a #40 blade at a vets office or grooming shop. So if you are using this to get mats out be very careful. On the back isn't so bad, but I saw someone mention the under arm area. Be very very careful as you can rip the skin in that area very easily if you aren't careful. I am a groomer, not on cats but I watch cats get groomed all the time as the other groomer does do cats.
  • stephanie sherrillstephanie sherrill Member Posts: 23
    edited 31 August, 2007
    Mommy bought the purple one last week and loves it! I am not too fond of it, but it does seem to make my fur look beautiful and I don\'t leave as much around. I won\'t let her do if for more than a couple of minutes at a time, but she still gets two handfulls of fur in that little time:-O ! Maybe one of these days, I will sit for longer...maybe NOT!!!
  • Grace McLeanGrace McLean Member Posts: 406
    edited 5 September, 2007
    Our Mommy bought us the Furminator and we have mixed reviews! The good news is that IT DOES work as advertised. It removes SO much hair, and it makes our coats shiny and soft. It does work exactly as it should. :h: However...we are not big fans of having it used on us. The first night it came home, Mommy tried it on Mouse and I. We both ran and hid after only a few strokes. Yesterday, Mommy used it on me and I purrrrrrred. But she could only do one side because I was lying down. Today I was sleeping on my other side, so she tried to do the second side of me. I was purring, but I swatted Mommy and scratched her! :)) Mouse is getting better about it too, but he is not sure he likes it. I guess it just takes some getting used to. It sure does work though!
  • Michelle BlochMichelle Bloch Member Posts: 447
    edited 8 September, 2007
    My sisters, brother and I have the same thing - Mommy seems to love the Furminator because just a few strokes really gets out a bunch of stuff.......but we don't much like to sit still for it! We'll squiggle and curve our bodies to make it extra hard (if not impossible) for her to use it :)) . Personally, I like to turn my head around and bite at it and then race away MOL! Mommy found that when we are sitting nice and calm (for those first few seconds) that holding the skin taut from the shoulder (not pulling it, but just holding the skin down there) then gently brushing from that point down seems to help the comb go down more easily. But only for the few seconds we allow it. :) But it sure does work!
  • Liz LaButeLiz LaBute Liberty Twp(Cincinnati)Member Posts: 17,745
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    We have it too! Momma had it long before Rudy & I came to live here. My big brothers love it. Momma used it on me a couple times, but thought maybe she should wait until I'm older. She has a kitten brush she uses on me, just so I get used to being brushed...'cause I'm gonna need it as I get older.
  • Sherry BodinSherry Bodin Hood CanalMember Posts: 2,746
    edited 19 October, 2007
    Mom bought it for the dog...but when she was done with the dog she eyed me, picked me up went outside and began to brush. I hate brushings, so I cried and screamed as loud as I could. But as soon as she was done there was a pile of hair that was all from me. My fur felt so nice and I was very nice to pet. But I know when mom uses it on Khimber, she has to do a little every week otherwise Khimmy gets really disgusting in her shedding.
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