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Chip will be gone in a few hours...

Naomi P-Naomi P- Member Posts: 8


  • Susan MavesSusan Maves MaconMember Posts: 6,697
    edited 13 February, 2007
    Purring for Chip.... Love, Ele', Gimme,and Ambro
  • Denine BlevinsDenine Blevins CharlotteMember Posts: 357
    edited 13 February, 2007
    We are purring and praying for Chip. Punkin, Sasha and Momma
  • Ann HallettAnn Hallett Costa MesaMember Posts: 144
    edited 13 February, 2007
    Naomi and Chip, We're so sorry. Our family will be thinking of you today. Chip is a much loved kitty and she surely knows it. Barkley, Griffey, Carson & their mom
  • Lisa WalstonLisa Walston SmyrnaMember Posts: 3,917
    edited 13 February, 2007
    I'll be waiting for Chip at the Rainbow Bridge, and I will show her around and make sure she knows everything she needs to know. I know this is a very sad day, but know that Chip is OK with this and she knows that you are showing her this last kindess by making sure that she doesn't have to suffer any longer. Hugs and healing love to you both. Chip, look for me, I'll be waiting for you.
  • Pat ParkerPat Parker ClevelandMember Posts: 382
    edited 13 February, 2007
    I\'m sad for Chip\'s mom, but not for Chip. She will have all her pain and weakness taken away at the Rainbow Bridge. My sisters and brother, Mindy, Molly and Suki will meet her there and hug her and help her send some comfort to her mom that she did what she could for Chip and loved her immensely. Love and purrs, Honey
  • Hilary DuffHilary Duff HuntsvilleMember Posts: 240
    edited 13 February, 2007
    We're sorry we didn't know Chip. I am sure he was a great kitty. I am so sorry for your loss. We know how you are feeling. *all cats hug Chip and purr for his meowmie*
  • Pat BeckPat Beck Spokane/SouthhillMember Posts: 878
    edited 13 February, 2007
    You\'re a beautiful kitty, Chip, and I will be waiting to greet you at the Bridge. You\'ll be here in time for Valentines Day. It\' s one of our biggest events. We gather and send all our love beams to our families on earth, and those pet\'s who arrived without the love of a family, are asked to send love to the Humans on earth, who also are lonely and sad and need that love. It\'s a special day, and we\'ll be honored to have you here. Heidi
  • Julia MundyJulia Mundy NorfolkMember Posts: 218
    edited 13 February, 2007
    Dearest Chip...Malaika, Lillie, and I will be waiting for you to show you the way after you cross the bridge. It's beautiful over here -- there's no pain, no suffering, no sickness. Just lots and lots of sunspots to roll around in, catnip everywhere, and anything and everything imaginable to make a kitty's (after)life enjoyable! Our Mom will be sending healing rays of white light to your family so that they can remember only the good times, and not the bad. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrpurrrrrrrrrrrrrpurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...Milla
  • Lowell VincentLowell Vincent ChildersburgMember Posts: 219
    edited 13 February, 2007
    I'm saddened to hear this. I lost Brandy, my little princess, on May 3, 2006. Her vet thinks she had lung cancer but the vets at Auburn think she had heart worms. In either case, I'm still without her and it hurts more than I could ever imagine. During her last few days, she slept most of the time and ate and drank very little. I decided that the time had come to put her to sleep. I called the vet and asked him to come to the house to look at her and see what he thought. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. She was in my life for 15 years, 8 months and I've never gone a whole day without seeing her at some point. Now, I'll never see her again.
  • Naomi P-Naomi P- Member Posts: 8
    edited 13 February, 2007
    Thank you all for your comments... :(( I've finally gotten around to making an entry about all this... @Bogart That's so sad... :( Chip would've been 13yrs old this summer... I've had her since she was a little kitten... Over half my own life. She was my first "real" pet (I had a bird briefly, but his owners before didn't take good care of him so he died before I grew very attached...) so it's really hard to deal with... After this, I almost don't want to have a cat again, because I don't want to go through this again... Though, I suppose I will when Kit Kat leaves me too... Chip acted pretty well her last week with us... I noticed this morning she ate very slowly and almost looked like she was going to fall asleep or something in her food bowl... That worried me... But other than that, she still wanted attention and purred lovingly... which makes me feel horrible considering what was done today. - Naomi
  • Susan Embry-BuschSusan Embry-Busch CarmichaelMember Posts: 982 ✭✭
    edited 13 February, 2007
    Naomi, We are so sorry to hear the news about wonderful Chip. She will be dearly missed! She was very beautiful and a shining bright little soul! You are so lucky that you had her for so many years. We are all praying and puurrring for you tonight! Love, Bill, Anne, Ginger and Sagan:((
  • Karen HollandKaren Holland BrookvilleMember Posts: 833
    edited 13 February, 2007
    |:| Sending purrs and hugs to you both.
  • Shelley CoxShelley Cox CarbondaleMember Posts: 2,752
    edited 13 February, 2007
    This is Delyte & Stella. We are so very very sorry that Chip had to go to the Bridge. If she wasn't able to eat, then it was time. And they will purr even up to the point where they go to sleep. It's so hard on your family and on KitKat. Chip will be happy and free of pain on the bridge. We will send Sarah and Norah and Silkie and Elektra and Peri and the little kittens to welcome her and show her where all the good places are. When my person had to have Sarah put to sleep--she had cancer and her kidneys failed--it was a terrible blow, as she had gotten her when she was in graduate school and they had been through so much together. Even though she has had a lot of cats since then, Sarah was her soulmate, just like you feel about Chip. She loves us, and now especially Delyte since we have been through so much together, but it's not the same. Chip would want you to be happy and get other kitties, when you are ready. [Our vet when we were kids used to hand you a kitten when you had your cat put to sleep, but that is WAY TOO soon!] Hope you can feel better soon from this terrible pain... =^,,^= Delyte ~^,,^~ Stella :-( Shelley
  • Carli CronjeCarli Cronje PretoriaMember Posts: 4,447
    edited 14 February, 2007
    Our thoughts are truly with you. Meowmy lost both her previous kitties 3 months apart - both from cancer. She said that she didn't want another cat because it hurt too much. But I came along and moved in on my own - because I was homeless and living "in the street" and I picked her and daddy's home togo and visit - I just walked in and haven't left since.... and seeing how happy I make my meowmy I am glad that I picked them. All of the love and happiness over the years makes up for the pain at the end. Love, Snowy |:|
  • Missy HodgeMissy Hodge Knoxville, TNMember Posts: 1,379
    edited 14 February, 2007
    Oh no. I'm so sorry about Chip. I'll be sure to greet her and show her around. She's going to have such a wonderful time here--it's such a great place! My family will be purring for you and your family, Naomi. Love, Nicky
  • Jillian PoritzkyJillian Poritzky Coral GablesMember Posts: 793
    edited 14 February, 2007
    So sorry about Chip... we're sending you lots of hugs and love today. We know how hard it must be. We can't think of anything else to say that hasn't already been said by all the wonderful Catsters on this forum already. Just know we are all thinking of you and sending you virtual hugs to keep you going. Love, Tyler, Missy, Caney and Katrina xxxx
  • CalvinCalvin ScottsdaleMember Posts: 8,818 ✭✭✭
    edited 14 February, 2007
    Chip is a beautiful angel at the bridge, and we are so sorry for Chip's family. We will be purring for Kit Kat and all of Chip's family. Rest in peace, sweet girl ~ Calvin Violet Samoa |:|

    The Cats in the Clover
    Samoa, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Spunky, Sugar, Vivien, Newman, & Inky

  • Naomi P-Naomi P- Member Posts: 8
    edited 14 February, 2007
    Thanks again, everyone :( I'm kind of worried about Kit Kat, she's lost a lot of friends. She used to hang out with our guinea pig, who died. And we had to give her kittens away, and much later the dog she grew up with when we moved to an apt...
  • martha ciatteimartha ciattei Member Posts: 3,158
    edited 14 February, 2007
    dear chip and family, i'll have my brother hugo waiting for chip at the entrance to the bridge with all the other kitties there! for a description of the bridge that is poignant and beautiful, read navin's diary... go in peace, little kitty... amelia and family
  • Anne WhitehurstAnne Whitehurst LongmontMember Posts: 5,024
    edited 16 February, 2007
    Dear Chip, we are sorry for your family that you had to leave them, but you are welcome here at the Bridge where you will be happy and healthy forever. Love, Gremlin
  • Suzanne MorrisSuzanne Morris KnoxvilleMember Posts: 1,616
    edited 16 February, 2007
    We are so sorry about the loss of Chip. Purrs to the family...:(( Luv, Annie & Alex
  • Lowell VincentLowell Vincent ChildersburgMember Posts: 219
    edited 19 February, 2007
    I have some idea of how you feel. I had always thought Brandy would outlive me and I worried about what would happen to her after I died. Unfortunately, just the opposite happened. I felt like if I adopted another cat it would mean Brandy meant less to me, like she could be replaced. After much thought, I did adopt Bogart. Brandy will never be replaced, there is no way possible for that to happen, but Bogart can help ease the pain of her loss just a tiny bit. When the time is right, I hope you will allow another cat into your life. By sharing the love you received from Chip with others, it will grow and spread and last forever.
  • Jenna LuskJenna Lusk Pacific NWMember Posts: 2,034
    edited 20 February, 2007
    Bogart's human said it so well. I hope that you will have many cats with whom you can share your life over the years. I am so sorry that you lost your dear, sweet Chip. I know how it feels to have shared half your life with a kitty. I got Abbie when I was 20 and lost her when I was 38. I never knew what being an adult was like without my girl by my side. Fortunately, I opened my heart to Binks and Matilda, who, although will never take Abbie's place, have found special places in my heart and bring me such an incredible amount of joy. The pain and sadness at the end of a kitty's life seems unbearable, but more-so to me, would be having to live my life without a cat. Abbie's mommy (Jenna)
  • Roxann RobbinsRoxann Robbins Member Posts: 3,268
    edited 21 February, 2007
    Chip, you are a beautiful little angel. *headbonks* Biscuit
  • Kathy ChafinKathy Chafin Lake CharlesMember Posts: 187
    edited 26 March, 2007
    I too thought I would never want to have another cat after each of the three cats I\'ve lost over time. But as time heals the pain, on a day when you least expect it, another cat may come into your life. That is what happened to me each time. A stray cat here or there grabs your heart and you can\'t help but find additional love for another that so desperately needs a loving home. Not that you are replacing the one you lost, but additionally loving another. So keep an open mind and know that you have many friends here on Catster for support. Holly and Sylvie\'s mommy, Kathy
  • Roxann RobbinsRoxann Robbins Member Posts: 3,268
    edited 27 March, 2007
    Biscuit (Angel) and his best friend Black Jack (Angel) passed unexpectedly on the same day (Nov 28, 2006). Within two weeks a stray/outside kitty got a urinary blockage and some complications (a week in the hospital and $760 later) he helped their mommy by needing her and taking a bit of her mind off her grief... And that's how she got ME! *headbonks* Little Red PS, I know Chip is playing with Biscuit and Black Jack at The Bridge.
  • Savannah ArnoldSavannah Arnold OlatheMember Posts: 146
    edited 9 September, 2007
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